Review of Netflix’s “The Adam Project”



“The Adam Project” follows a time-traveling pilot from the year 2050 who accidentally crash-lands in the year 2022 and must team up with his younger self and late father to save the future.

Kaitlyn Drake, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Best known for his roles in “The Green Lantern” and “Deadpool,”  Ryan Reynolds is back with another kind of action hero story. On March 11, Netflix released “The Adam Project,” a film reminiscent of the many sci-fi and adventure movies of the 1980’s like “E.T.,” “Back to the Future” and “The Last Starfighter.”

The film kicks off in a dystopian 2050 and follows Adam Reed (Reynolds), a time-traveling pilot who has stolen a ship with the intent to travel back to 2018 to rescue his wife Laura (Zoe Saldana) who disappeared while on a mission. 

However, he crash-lands in 2022 where he meets his younger, 12-year-old self who is struggling with the recent death of their father Louis (Mark Ruffalo) – known as “the godfather of time travel.”

It does not take long for young Adam to realize he has come face to face with his older self as they both have the same scar, are wearing their fathers watch and the family dog has no problems cozying up to older Adam. Unable to repair his damaged ship while wounded, a reluctant Adam enlists the help of his younger self.

Together the two Adams must adventure into the past and find their father to save the world from the clutches of Maya Sorian (Catherine Keener), who is using time-travel technology to take over the world.

As for what some of the inspirations were for the production, Shawn Levy, who directed and produced the film, told Netflix, “It’s definitely a throwback to a deeply nostalgic breed of Amblin Entertainment film that, for me, epitomizes that I want movies to be: adventure-filled and wish fulfillment-fueled, but also funny and warm. The truth is, our film industry has evolved to a point where there are popcorn movies or ones about ideas that are resonant, but the movies we loved from the past, like Back to the Future and E.T., were able to be both.”

When he was asked what it was about the film that drew him to the role of Adam, Reynolds expressed in an interview with NPR that, “It came from those movies as a kid that I loved and worshiped at the altar of – the same ones my Director Shawn Levy loved – E.T., Flight of The Navigator, etc. I remember watching Back to the Future with my dad and feeling like it was the coolest movie we’d ever seen. And it was oddly emotional and intimate at times, but I think not shying away from that is my ultimate goal in making a movie like ‘The Adam Project.”

“The Adam Project” is currently streaming on Netflix. If you are interested in sci-fi adventures packed with action, consistent laughs and heartfelt moments then this film is for you!