Flo Milli Takes on James Madison’s Homecoming

New and upcoming artist becomes widespread


Flo Milli Official Instagram Page

Cover photo for Flo Milli’s popular song “Conceited” that blew up on TikTok from her latest album “You Still Here, Ho?”

Nina Andrews, Social Media Manager

Bridgewater, Va.- New and upcoming artist, Flo Milli, will be taking on the Atlantic Union Bank Center stage this year. With Jason Derulo as last year’s homecoming headliner, Milli is coming to James Madison University this October. 

What’s New?

  • Flo Milli, who got her start in 2019 after blowing up on TikTok, has been continuing to rise as a hip-hop artist. She was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2020 BET Hip-Hop Awards and released her follow-up album “You Still Here, Ho?” 
  • She has been touring for her new album with another upcoming female rapper, Monaleo. The duo have a song together called ‘We Not Humping,’ which also made its rise on TikTok. 

Why it Matters:

  • Students did not get to vote or help decide which artist will come for their homecoming concert, but many students feel that the college chose wisely. 
  • “I think it is a big deal that JMU is supporting female rappers,” said James Madison University senior Laura Kerns. “Jason Derulo is someone that everyone may know, and Flo Milli is a little more unknown, so I find it cool that’s who they choose for this year’s concert.”

What’s Ahead:

  • Milli has already discussed on social media that after touring she will rest, but also continue working on new music for her fans. 
  • Milli will be performing at Atlantic Union Bank Center on Oct. 20 starting at 8 p.m. with opening act Monaleo. 
  • “I personally am excited to go see the concert since it is also our homecoming week as well, and it just gives me something to look forward to,” said Bridgewater College junior Alyssa Jones.