Students’ Thoughts on “Dahmer”



“Dahmer” was released on Sept. 21 of this year and received a rating of 58% by Rotten Tomatoes.

Bryce Heinbaugh, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- The 10-part miniseries, “Dahmer,” has recently become Netflix’s second most popular show and tells the macabre, true story of the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, from his victims’ point of view. Bridgewater’s students give their opinions on the series.

What’s New:

  • Junior Chelsea Dillard, who has watched the show, believes that it was interesting to watch, as it gave insight into Dahmer’s upbringing and how it shaped him to become the monster he was.
  • “I feel like it is important to recognize events from the past, but the series should’ve focused more on the victims’ families, because there is so much that we don’t know from their point of view,” Dillard said.
  • Junior Karis David has not watched the entirety of the show, but instead has seen bits and pieces.
  • “I just don’t understand why people like to watch that sort of thing. It’s so disturbing,” said David.

Why It Matters:

  • David explained that her roommates who have seen the show told her about it, and how it seemed to glorify Dahmer and have the audience sympathize with him.
  • “With social media exposure, Dahmer became idolized while the families of the victims have to relive the pain of losing their loved ones,” said Dillard. “Not only that, but Netflix didn’t ask for their input while creating the series, nor did they receive any profit.”
  • This, of course, is all true. From being categorized under the LGBTQ tag to Dahmer being glorified, the show, despite its popularity, has seen a plethora of controversies.
  • Neither Dillard nor David recommend this show.
  • “There are many other better adaptations of Dahmer that show the negative influences he had on the victims and their families,” Dillard said.

What’s Ahead:

  • If you chose to watch this series, it is available on Netflix. Be warned, as many viewers have stated that the show can be disturbing and difficult to watch.
  • There are also a multitude of other movies, shows, articles and documentaries about Dahmer available online or on most streaming services.