Farmers Market in the Forrer Learning Commons

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  • Bridgewater held a farmers market event on Wednesday, March 15 for “Mind and Body” week. Juniors Makayla Zanders and Emilee Moore sorted through the stickers when they first arrived.

  • The event had fresh flowers, including tulips and anemones, for students to take home. The CEAT booth had stickers in addition to the flowers.

  • At the rec team booth, if a student did a plank for 10 seconds, their name was added into a raffle for a t-shirt. “‘Mind and Body’ week gives students the opportunity to take a moment and relax. It’s to give students a moment to slow down,” said first-year Casey Kerr.

  • Many students showed up to this event to grab a boba tea or smoothie, take flowers or stickers and design a zen garden booth.

  • The company Entertainment Avenue hosted a zen garden booth where students chose a box and a small rake, along with an assortment of colored sands. There were rocks and shells for the garden as well.

  • Sophomore Dorothy Kennon and first-year Odessa Farrier came and got boba, flowers and a zen garden. “I love the flowers,” said Kennon. “That’s why we came. We wanted fresh flowers for our dorm. I also love my new zen garden.”

  • First-year Andrew Hall was the first to try the smoothie bike. He peddled fast and made his smoothie in no time. “Great smoothie, great exercise,” said Hall.

  • The zen garden was a big hit at this event. Many students made one, including sophomore Jae Riley and first-year Don Patterson. “The zen garden was so fun to make,” said Riley. “I’m excited to come back to it when I remember I have it.”

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Bethany Chidlow , Staff Writer