Bridgewater College Ranks #18 in Early-Career Salary


Of the 12 bachelor’s programs at Bridgewater College analyzed by, Liberal Arts and Sciences/General Studies/Humanities and Health and Exercise Science/Physical Education had the highest salary scores.

Sienna Sullivan, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – GradReports recently published their 2021 Best College rankings, based on median early-career salary data of over 4.6 million graduates from the U.S. Department of Education’s resource. Bridgewater College secured the #18 spot on the list of best colleges in Virginia by salary score. 

“The Office of Career Services is excited to see that Bridgewater College is ranked among the top 25 schools in Virginia,” said Director of Career Services & Internships Sherry Talbott. “It is a good indication that students are moving into their chosen career paths successfully and are prepared with the skills and knowledge-base that employers require of their entry-level employees.”

According to Talbott, Bridgewater College is uniquely advantaged by its “small, well-connected community that encourages students to interact with faculty, administration and staff to best set them up for success after graduation.”

“I think Bridgewater does a good job at preparing students for post grad success because of how close-knit we are as a whole,” said senior Catie Deflumeri. “It’s nice, not to mention convenient, that I don’t need to get on a waiting list to meet with my advisor or career center personale to talk about my future.”

Bridgewater’s Office of Career Services offers a variety of resources to help students in their job search, including resume writing, practice interviews and unconventional tactics to locate a great position opening. 

“OCS teaches students to explore their geographic locations of interest to see what industries exist and to explore those industry career websites, as most employers do not publicize jobs on job search engines like Indeed,” said Talbott. “The key is an outreach from many different avenues, especially those that put the graduate in front of the decision-makers.”

“Even though I am only a junior, I’ve done a considerable amount of networking through my professors’ recommendations and other connections I have made through Bridgewater,” said junior Lexi Lease. “I have a year to go, but I am confident in my ability to translate my connections and experience into a great job.”

The OCS is dedicated to improving the career development path of every student at Bridgewater College.  

“There are many initiatives underway to create a universal career development program in which every student may participate, as well as continued integration of career development concepts into the curriculum,” said Talbott. “The future of the Bridgewater graduate is bright.”