They’re Back! Rubber Mats to be Walkway


Trey Pratt

The mats currently stacked by the corner of the KCC will provide a walkway past the Rebecca Quad construction.

Trey Pratt, Photography Manager

Bridgewater, Va.- The stack of rubber mats outside the KCC, just off the sidewalk leading towards Cole Hall will be put down as a temporary walking path as construction on the Rebecca Quad continues. 

The sidewalk that passes by the Rebecca Quad is currently still open for use, but as the project progresses in the upcoming months, the fencing will be moved to encase that section of the sidewalk, and the temporary walkway will be laid out.

According to the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer Steve Bright, the mats will be put to the same use outside the Rebecca Quad construction area as they were used as temporary pathways during the construction of the FLC.

Some students feel like the temporary pathway will constrict the walking area. 

“I feel like there won’t be a lot of space because of all of the trees in the way,” said first-year Kyle Beer. “It won’t be worth that much.”

Other students feel that they will not be necessary. 

“I know a lot of us just walk in the mulch and the grass anyway, so they might not be as necessary as they think,” sophomore Hailey Franks said.

rubber mat walkway
While the FLC was under construction in 2019, the same type of mats were used as a walkway. Many students avoided crossing on them because of the puddles and mud. (Jackie Letaiugyang)

Students and other walkers have left trails that cross the campus mall, where sidewalks do not provide a direct route from one building to another. People also move off of the sidewalk to avoid large puddles when it rains. 

“We’re college students, so we’re herd animals,” said senior Heather Knott. “We all walk the same way.”

The mats themselves are the same ones intended for use in horse stalls, protecting both the animal and the floor, while also being sturdy and relatively waterproof. They will provide similar benefits as a pathway.

The temporary pathway outside the FLC construction was often slippery from water and mud, and the unevenness of the ground left gaps between the mats.

“I feel like [the texture] is a tripping hazard,” said sophomore Sarah Sindle.

Some students avoided them all together. 

“I would avoid it,” said senior Jen Chan. “I would walk behind the [FLC] construction to use the sidewalk.”

Once the path is laid out, students can choose whether to use or avoid it. Until then, they will remain stacked where they are unless used elsewhere. 

“I think they would make great flying carpets,” said senior Olivia Harrison