A Bridgewater Renaissance Faire


Trey Pratt

Sophomore Ewan Benjamin and senior Abby Gaver duel with foam swords. The battle got heated as onlookers cheered them on.

Sammie Herbst, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- On March 30, Bridgewater’s Comitatus and Dungeon and Dragons clubs hosted the Spring Renaissance Faire on the Campus Mall. There were many activities, including duels, crafts, games and refreshments.

The main activity of the evening was the dueling events. Those who signed the waiver were able to participate in battles using synthetic swords, spears and other weapons.

Among the participants was Professor of Biology Gavin Lawson, advisor of the Comitatus Club. Lawson often teaches club members dueling techniques, as well as newer synthetic weapon training. 

Throughout the faire, Lawson was an active participant in the duels.

“You should come out to a practice,” said Lawson, “It’s fun.”

The club also offered a food and beverage table, including butter beer, soda and sliced apples. Many students were carrying around butter beer, which was cream soda with whipped cream and caramel toppings.

Another table hosted colorful face painting, arm painting and other arts and crafts.

There was also a flower crown making station. Club member and junior Noel Harrison showed examples of how to create different types.

“Flower crown making is so much fun,” Harrison said. “You can watch the sword fights at the same time.”

The Dungeons and Dragons club guided one-shot campaigns showing how many campaigns are run. In role-playing games like DND, a campaign is the storyline that develops the game. 

Over the course of a week, Comitatus hosted a table outside the KCC during lunches with a raffle to win the biggest prize item of the event: a Mandalorian Lego set. The winner of the raffle was first-year Liz D’Aurora.

The club hosted additional raffles for games including Battleship and Scrabble. 

To be entered into the raffle, students were required to visit three of the event tables and earn a stamp at each of them. Once they returned the card with three stamps to the main table, they were entered into the raffle.

Students stopped at the different event tables for long periods of time. The DND table and the duels both drew the largest crowds. 

“Watching the duels is very entertaining,” said senior Heather Knott. “Participating is a great way to reduce stress.”