Bridgewater College Blanketed With Snow Two Weekends in a Row

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  • First-year student Katie Tolone used her first snow day at Bridgewater College to build her first snowman.

  • The Bridgewater Men and Women’s swim team took their yearly photo in the snow next to the eagle statue in front of Yount Hall.

  • Bridgewater’s campus gets to enjoy a second round of snow within the same week.

  • This Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021, brought more snow to the Bridgewater College campus for students and faculty to enjoy.

  • While some services are modified, campus is still open for students to enjoy as normal with the incoming snow.

  • “I find the snow calm and peaceful,” said sophomore Kate Dear. “It also gives us more time to hang out with friends if classes are cancelled.”

  • The North River runs through Wildwood Park just outside of campus.

  • First-year student Parker Davis explores campus under the snow.

  • Students (pictured from left to right) first-year Summer Huber, sophomore Birttany Brookes, first-year Jenna Mccaffery, and first-year Maggie Hodnett took advantage of the snow day by spending time outside with one another.

  • Students took advantage of the day off from classes in many ways. Sophomore Jaia Dunbar said, “I got coffee from Smitty’s and spent the day watching Ink Master.”

  • An image of the campus mall facing Flory Hall was captured by junior Katy Mattox, who said she “spent the day inside relaxing.”

  • “My favorite part of the snow day was seeing everyone outside,” said sophomore Santia Fields. “With COVID happening our campus hasn’t had much life, but the snow day revived campus and connected us more.”

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Katelyn Harrison, Staff Writer