Intramural Student Athletes

Students participate in the start of intramural sports

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  • September kicked off the start of fall intramural sports hosted by the Funkhouser Center. At the beginning of the month, disk golf, flag football and sand volleyball began.

  • During the week of Sept. 19, 2 students participated in flag football on the field next to Wakeman and sand volleyball on the Dillon court.

  • “I played volleyball in high school and during club, and I found out that they had intramurals here, so I just wanted a new way to get exercise and make some new friends and that definitely happened,” said first-year Hannah Smith.

  • Intramural sports drew in some former college student athletes, who were looking for physical activity outside the league. “I used to be on the basketball team and I decided to stop playing that, so now I’m here because I want to be involved in something, especially with athletics,” said junior Jullia Willams.

  • Senior Peter Terzian IV and senior Susan Frierson were also former student athletes here at Bridgewater. “We Started off here freshman year in the track team, both of us and we decided that it wasn’t for us. Here we are filling our void, wanting to participate in something bigger than what we originally came here for,” said Terzian.

  • Intramural sports not only brought in some former student athletes, but non-student athletes as well. “I’ve always had fun playing volleyball at the beach and I wanted to do intramurals at some point in college, so it was the perfect time to seize the opportunity,” said junior Karis David.

  • Some students enjoyed participating in intramurals last year and came back to do it again. “I did volleyball intramurals last year, it was so much fun that I decided to do volleyball intramurals again this year,” said exchange student Yung Su Park.

  • On Sept. 26, intramural spikeball will begin and sign-ups for intramural soccer begin on Sept. 28. A full list of intramural sports can be found on the MyBC page campus recreation under the intramurals tab.

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Lamont Jones, Staff Writer