What’s New with the KCC?


Chiedozie Osundu

The green box and the green to-go card is a service that Parkhurst Dining offers to students on campus. It allows for an alternative dining option for students on the go.

Chiedozie Osundu, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- The dining hall at the KCC plans to continue utilizing the green boxes for students who plan to eat outside the KCC due to time constraints or personal preference. 

What’s New?

  • At the start of the new semester, the KCC continued offering green boxes with green to-go cards for students at Bridgewater College. 
  • “When you do not feel like carrying your green box around when you do not need it, no worries,” said senior Saleem Solayman. “You can exchange your box for a green to-go card.”

Why it Matters:

  • For some students, the KCC provides a space to unwind with friends after classes and assignments, and allows for an environment to take a break from classwork and homework. 
  • “I come to the KCC after I am done with my assignments or after classes to come and get food and chat with my friends and just relax. KCC is a comfortable environment to stay and just be relaxed,” said senior Kayla Cox.
  • For other students, the KCC provides a space to connect with others on campus, while still enjoying food and refreshments.
  • “KCC is a good place to be around new people and learn something new about people, culture and food,” said senior Mercedes Lopez.

What’s Ahead:

  •  The KCC plans to make a variety of food from different countries for Bridgewater College students.