Nik Tucker: Local Christian Rapper Out of Harrisonburg


Jaylin Hertz

Nik Tucker performing his song “Free Me” on stage at Worship at the Warehouse concert. People in attendance gathered around the stage as he rapped his song.

Jaylin Hertz, Staff Writer

Harrisonburg, Va.- Local Christian rapper Nik Tucker released his first single on Sept. 9 of last year. Since then, he has recorded, released and been featured on a number of songs and projects. His most recent mixtape, “The Journey,” has accumulated over 10,000 streams on Spotify.   

What’s New?

On Jan. 28, Tucker had his first performance at Divine Unity Community Church at an event called Worship at the Warehouse. There were nearly 200 people in attendance and Tucker performed five songs in total.   

“I have heard Nik Tucker’s music before, and I think it really glorifies God,” said Bonnie Gaines, a staff member at Divine Unity Community Church. “We wanted someone who had the energy to hype up a crowd, but also someone whose performance would give God the glory, so I thought he was the perfect fit.” 

Why it Matters:

Tucker is still what most people would refer to as an underground rapper. He believes that even though his rap career just started, he is spreading a big and important message through his lyrics. He believes his music is greater than himself.  

“My purpose is to speak life into people,” said Tucker. “To let people know about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to do that through a genre of music that has impacted me my entire life. I believe that God has called me to bring a more positive message into the hip hop culture and to impact lives and have people come to know the Savior.” 

What’s Ahead?

Tucker is currently working on more singles, promoting music and being featured on other artists’ songs. Additionally, Tucker is really focusing on releasing his album, “Dear Abba,” that is slated to be ready around April or May.