Bridgewater College Homecoming Concert

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  • Kaley Kyger (top left), Amere Langley (center), Josh Layton (top right), Madison Barklay (bottom left), Annaliese Grove (bottom center)

  • Christopher DeFreeuw (center top), Zach Taylor (top right), Ashton Khan (center left), Deonte McLean (center right), Jenna Hallock (bottom left), Najee’ Griffin (bottom right)

  • Performance of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” by Paul McCartney; arranged by Audrey Snyder.

  • Performance of “Yesterday” by John Lennon; arranged by Bob Chilcott.

  • Performance of “Here Comes the Sun” by George Harrison; arranged by Alan Billingsley.

  • Alumni, students, and area residents filled the Carter Center on Saturday, Oct. 19. The crowd numbered more than 200.

  • Director Jenna Hallock with (left to right) Joseph Wampler, Mallory Dove, Tori Smith, Dan Hancock, Ryanne King.

  • Handbell Choir kicked off Homecoming Concert on Saturday, Oct. 19, with “Changes” arranged by Carle Wiltse.

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Takumi Sampei, Staff Writer