How Much Do You Know About Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Trivia Night

McKenzie Washington, Staff Writer

[Bridgewater, VA] – On Jan. 16 2018, the Black Student Association held a trivia night where students came to answer questions about Martin Luther King Jr. to try and win a hat as a prize. There were about twenty participants and all the hats were given away to those who answered two questions correctly.

The meeting was held in the Boitnott room on Bridgewater’s campus.  The event was called “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Trivia Night, “and was sponsored by BSA and Eagle Productions. The event was planned to bring diverse people together and honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for all he did.

Bridgewater junior and BSA president, Daron Tardy said, “The hope is that we’re able to bring everyone together as a community and educate them on the legacy of Dr. King and just the fact that he wants us to be together as a unit.” Tardy also said he hoped this event would be fun instead of just attending a speech about Dr.  Martin Luther King’s life. 

As the event went on many questions were asked about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, family   and his legacy. Other questions varied on information about the march and other facts about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself. The questions asked are found on the Nobel Peace Prize website   that has provided questions on anyone who had won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Director of the Center for Diversity Education and Advocacy, Joanne Harris-Duff, read the questions to the participants. The Center for Diversity Education and Advocacy is the umbrella organization that all cultural Bridgewater associations are under.  Harris-Duff bought the hats from the Bridgewater Campus Store as a way for the Center to sponsor the event.

The game of trivia operated by first asking a question, then participants had to raise their hand to be called on.  When someone got the question correct, they received a point.  When a participant earned two points they claimed their prize and picked what they wanted. During the game of trivia, some questions were said to be difficult.  Harris-Duff gave hints to help those participants who struggled to find an answer.

Junior student and participant Nicholas Koger said, “It was nice to think about the past and kind of go throughout his life and to learn new things about him.” He also said it was good to   see the positive in the event based on the tough times America had been through. Tardy said, “My hope for the attendees of this event is to truly understand what Dr.  King stood for being that its unity, community and being together as one no matter the differences we have.