Renowned Pianist Performs at Bridgewater College

Students Enjoy Classical Performance

Alexis Brown, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- On Tuesday, Nov. 19, the Bridgewater College Department of Music presented internationally acclaimed pianist Maria Yefimova as part of the Lyceum Concert Series. The recital was held in the Carter Center for Worship and Music.

Yefimova performed multiple classics by well known artists from Bach to Beethoven. The recital contained an audience that consisted of Bridgewater faculty, staff, students, and members of the community.

“When I took piano, my professor talked highly of Maria Yefimova, and I was very intrigued and excited to see her perform” said Lexi Bragg, a junior at Bridgewater College.

Bragg said that she felt Yefimova portrayed classical music very well. Bragg also said that seeing someone play classical music in person, especially someone with so many achievements, is an experience she will hold on to. 

Another student currently enrolled in introduction to music, Devon DeMartino, junior at Bridgewater, attended the recital.

“She was amazing, the recital went above my expectations,” said DeMartino. “I did not expect her to play such complicated pieces in such a precise way. I also did not expect her to play so much without looking at a single music sheet.”

Both Bragg and DeMartino said their favorite part of the recital was the last song Yefimova performed. The piece was L’lsle Joyeuse, written by Claude Debussy, one of the many influential French Composers in the late 19th and 20th century.

“The transitions in the last song were amazing,” said Bragg. 

“It was my favorite because it represented a happy melody,” stated DeMartino. Both students expressed how amazing it was to watch Yefimova perform.

Yefimova has a multitude of accomplishments; she has performed across the world from Italy, Spain, England, Slovakia, Croatia, Russia, and the United States. She has also appeared in major venues in several of these locations.

Yefimova has made many appearances in festivals including the Virginia Arts Festival, Meranofest and Vello Music Festivals in Italy and many more.

She has collaborated with well-known artists such as Joe Burgstaller, Dmitri Berlinksy, Eric Jacobsen and Boris Slutsky.  

Yefimova is also a member of the Atlantic Chamber Ensemble and she is on the piano faculty of the College of William and Mary.

She has received many awards and achievements throughout her life because of her talent including the “Best Teacher” Award from The X International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians and the “Achievement Award” from the Richmond Music Teachers Association.

Maria Yefimova is described by critics around the world as brilliant in her performances, as well as an outstanding and highly artistic musician filled with passion and energy.