OK Boomer: Perspective on the Generational War

Gabriella Signor, Guest Contributor

One recurring issue in/with the new nowadays is the generational gap. Everything from “OK boomer” and “cancel culture,” the younger and the older generations are at war with each other.

The issue has become a power struggle in the media, politics, and the job force. The older generations (Boomers) refuse to step down. They are working past the average age of retirement, they take over the media with their often more conservative view on controversial issues, and they dominate positions of power before anyone younger even gets the chance to try to take on the leading roles. 

There was an article in The Week called “‘OK Boomer’: The new generational put-down” that talks about this generational fighting. The article starts out by saying “Now its war,” talking about how the young generations of today are bullying boomers by saying “OK Boomer” when they say something that may be considered controversial from a liberal standpoint.

I think saying we are at war with Boomers is a bit extreme, but it’s definitely a serious issue. The childish arguing between generations is not getting anyone anywhere. If we really want to fix the problems that we are arguing about, we need to work together.

How are we supposed to avoid fighting with others, if we can’t even stop fighting among ourselves? Our country seems unstable, and our relationships with other countries are worse.

The worlds’ countries hold so many tensions with one another right now that it seems like we are constantly on the verge of war with someone. 

As a daughter of a soldier, I really don’t want all this fighting. I want my father to stay home and help my mother take care of my siblings. If he gets deployed to fight, my mom will be home alone with three kids, and I won’t be there to help her.

We need to put away our hostile tweets and scathing remarks so all of us, young and old, can feel more secure in our futures and the future of our country.

Gabriella Signor is a first year student studying liberal arts. She wrote this article as part of Dr. Young’s FILA 150 course that studies current events.