New Year, New Emojis

Over 200 New Emojis Coming in 2021


Brooke DiCicco

Freshmen Kaitlyn Carter (left) and Lily O’Brian (right) in Smitty’s Cafe display the daily appearance of both digital messaging and social media in the lives of college students.

Ryann Crennan, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Emoji users are about to have something new to celebrate. Apple has released the images for emojis that will be available to iPhone and iOS users beginning in 2021. 

Over 200 new emojis are coming, according to the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit that oversees emoji standards and is responsible for new releases. New options include ways to express gender, sexuality and personal identity as well as new ways to show emotion.

“I like the heart on fire. It looks really cool and can express a lot of different emotions,” said Sam Hensley. 

“I like the man, or person, with the long hair and the beard. It looks like a mullet and it reminds me of Billy Ray Cyrus,” said senior Elizabeth Hanger. 

Another social topic that is addressed is race, specifically, interracial couples and relationships. This category contains 200 out of the 217 updated icons. For example, a couple joined by a heart is now only available in yellow skin tone, but the update will allow other skin tones to be specified. 

Given the prevalence of texting and digital communication, these soon-to-be released emojis will make their appearance on keyboards across the world, as well as on Bridgewater College’s campus.