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In an ongoing series, sophomore Zach Rogers, and permanent guest junior Morgan Pangle, discuss various topics about video games.

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Zach Rogers  0:00  

It’s that time gamer nation, grab your drinks, get some snacks and plug in your headphones. You are now connected to Next On The Sticks.

Welcome gamers of all ages. I’m your host, Zachary Rogers along with my co host, Morgan Pangle. How you doing Morgan? 

Morgan Pangle  0:23  

I’m doing good. I’m glad to be here. Excited to talk some games, excited to be here with my man Zach.

Zach Rogers  0:30  

Yeah, dude, I’m excited to this is our first episode of Next On The Sticks, where we’ll have an episode each week. We’re talking about anything gaming, whether it’s retro gaming, whether it’s current, like current gaming. That’s what we’ll be talking about this week. Talking about next gen console specifically like the PS5, and Xbox Series S and Series X. Man that’s a mouthful. For first up we’ll just be talking about the SI the PS5, Series S and Series X, like the prices and launch titles. So the regular PS5 cost $499 and the PS5 digital cost $399. Both launch on November 10. Some of the games you could like some of the exclusives you can play once it rolls out on November 10. And some of these, some of these games may not come out on November 10. But they are PlayStation 5 exclusives, is Astros Playroom, Demon Souls, Destruction Allstars, Marvel’s Spider Man Miles Morales, the regular and the Ultimate Edition, and Sackboy a Big Adventure.

And then for the Series X that costs $499. And the Series S is $299, which is a lower lower budget console. They both also launch on November 10. And some of the exclusives won’t list all of them because there’s a lot of them folks. It’s some of them are Halo Infinite, Fable, State Of Decay 3, Forza Motorsport and it’s not numbered because they haven’t came out with that yet. Everwild, Avowed and many, many, many more.

So that those are some of the some of the games the pricing. That’s when it’s coming out. Well now we’re gonna go on discuss our thoughts on the next gen consoles. What do we think? So Morgan, what do you what do you think about these next gen console? 

Morgan Pangle  2:30  

Man, I’ll tell you what these next gen consoles, it seems like just just the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 came out. I feel like I’m getting old seeing those new consoles being released. And I gotta tell you, both consoles seem pretty legitimate. I mean, you’ve got the PS5 and while the while it looks a little, a little bit like a router, it is looks like it’ll be an excellent console as well as both the Xbox Series X and Series S and I commend Xbox for not only making two models, but for making one for people that are there, they’re trying to ball on a budget they are trying to play some cool video games with some of their friends but they don’t quite have that $500 so shout out to Xbox for just giving others that opportunity. I mean $300 that’s still a lot of money but it’s not quite as bad as the 500 for the Xbox Series X and even the PS5 digital for $400. 

Zach Rogers  3:22  

Yea it is a good entry price. I think that was I think I was the same price as the Xbox One S when that came out in 2016 that was supposed to be a budget console but still built for gaming and I think the Series S is still built for gaming not not a powerhouse like the Xbox Series X it’s still in it doesn’t have a disk drive either but it still can play in 1440 P and can still can play your games and it’s still a next gen console so that’s a great entry for those who don’t want to break the bank but but also want good graphic power and good like a good gaming just a good time.

Morgan Pangle  4:02  

Yeah, and to note about the Xbox Series X, this isn’t a buyer’s guide but if you’ve got a PC already that can run games, I don’t know if the series x is necessarily the best the best purchase because Xbox Gamepass is now on PC you have that PC game pass through Microsoft. Buying the Xbox Series X just having like it’s having another large computer just chillin there. So if you’re still looking to play an Xbox but you already have a computer that game on the Series S may be for you. For the PlayStation 5, of course there is no other equivalent. So the PS5 if you want to stick on PlayStation looks like the PS5 is the direct sequel to the PS4 and will only include some games on the PS4 will not include games from PS1 through PS3 to be played on the PS5. And I think that’s some where PS5 is lacking right now we’re Sony’s lacking. On Xbox if I wanted to play an old school game I’ve only played but Batman Arkham Asylum if I want to load up Fallout: New Vegas, any type of old, older game. I could do that with backwards compatibility on the PlayStation just not something that’s able to be done and I think that is a serious lack on Sony’s on Sony’s part Zach, what do you think about that? 

Zach Rogers  5:12  

I mean, you’re right you already touched on this I was gonna touch on it. But, yeah PlayStation is lacking, where with their older games, just not being backwards compatible, you can only play the PS4 games on PS5, which is great for people who have only gotten PS4 who don’t own other consoles, other games from previous gens PS1, PS2, PS3, but pretty much just discourages you from playing older games. And it just prohibits you from playing older games. And I’m pretty sure that they will come out with those older games. I know some of them are being remastered and some of them are being, yea remastered resold for the PS4 and PS five, but you don’t want to spend another 60 bucks and never 40 bucks when you already have those games. And that’s where Xbox and Microsoft have like pretty much got a leg up on PlayStation right now. Because they have their older games with the Xbox, the Xbox 360, the Xbox One all those games, they have that for backwards compatibility. And they already have that all in thd game library where you could buy those games even digitally. And play them on on your Xbox One, on your Xbox Series S and your Series X. So it’s got way better, and way better and way more games to play when you buy your new system. 

Morgan Pangle  6:38  

Yeah, for sure. Again, both systems have their ups and downs, their pros and their cons. And that’s why the console wars exist that these two were similar systems, there would be no need for that. But because of the difference the systems bring, that’s why a console war exists as it does. 

And I want to talk a little bit about the console wars. I want to lead into that a little bit. I’m curious as to what you think that will the console wars be as strong this year. I mean, we know PS4 and Xbox One, both fans of the Xbox and PlayStation would would fight each other would you know they would tear each other’s heads off to represent their console. And we’re not even going to get into Nintendo. Because I don’t know where those gamers are somewhere. Shout out to my Nintendo gamers out there. But between the Xbox and the PlayStation, will this console war continue? For me, I don’t see it stopping. I mean, these are still two separate consoles. And I know I said the Xbox Series X really wasn’t necessary if you had a decent enough PC. But these are still two separate consoles with their own exclusives and their own different specs. So Zach, in my opinion, the console wars will still continue to go on. But I want to hear your take on that.

Zach Rogers  7:47  

Oh, no, they will definitely continue to go on I are I’m already getting into conversations and somewhat sometimes arguments with people about whether I’m in Microsoft, I love Xbox. And just getting into getting into some of my friends about like, oh, whether the Xbox Series X is going to be better than than PlayStation. But I mean, they will definitely go on, but I think it will be less and less.

Because, because people still, as like the years go on, people still have the Xbox and still have the older one. So I don’t think they’ll be raving about these new consoles after a year or two. And we’ll just be like, I think it’ll just be one sect one other I don’t think they’ll go out each other. But there will still be a console war when it comes to Microsoft and Sony trying to trying to beat each other around the corner. 

Morgan Pangle  8:40  

For sure, I definitely have also had some conversations with some people if you want to call them conversations about the consoles that are coming out. 

Zach Rogers  8:51  

And if I could just add, I think I mean, I don’t know about console wars, but I think consoles won’t be obsolete because like, even though PCs and like just PCs in general, are becoming more accessible. They’re still expensive. Even Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 at $500 still come in less than a PC would, like if you got it prebuilt and it still has is the those console the next gen consoles have incredible specs, like top of the line, it could be top of the line pretty much PC specs that you get new for $500 if you think of it that way. So if you think of it that way, it’s pretty much a steal.

Morgan Pangle  9:37  

It’s true. And of course there’s other things you can do on PC that you can do an Xbox and that’s the reason for the higher price of the PC. But I want to ask you personally, Zach, if you go into a store this Christmas season, anticipating to buy a new console, will you be purchasing the Xbox One or not? Excuse me, not the Xbox One but the Xbox Series S or X or will you be purchasing one of Sony’s new consoles?

Zach Rogers  10:03  

Oh, dude, I will definitely, I will definitely get the Xbox Series S, or X probably the Series S because it’s more cheaper. But it does come without optical disk drive, which I have a lot of disks from the Xbox One, but I just I like Microsoft’s philosophy of bringing the old games to the new to the new consoles and still having that accessible. And pretty much, like going down memory lane and nostalgia bringing that back up to the new consoles and new graphics. And just with the new games being on on those, I’m just excited to play, to play on the Series X, or the Series S whichever one I would get. Because I think PlayStation, although it has great launch titles, although it has like Spider Man Ps4, God Of War, Microsoft has a wider variety of games to play and Halo a series that I love playing. That’s why I’d be picking either the Series X or the Series S. What about you, Morgan?

Morgan Pangle  11:10  

Personally, I would definitely have to go with your drum roll right here. I would definitely I’m gonna have to go with a Nintendo DS. I just think they’re great names the Nintendo DS. Cars Race O Rama is an excellent game.

Oh new gen consoles sorry.

For new gen consoles, I would definitely have to go with the Xbox Series X or S on this. And let me I’m sorry, Playstation fans. I, Sony lovers. Listen, we’re all gamers out here. But I gotta go with the Xbox. I gotta go with Microsoft’s creation. Here’s why. Listen, the PlayStation controllers don’t fit my hands. They’re just they’re quite small. And I like the layout of the Xbox controllers more. And I’ve been playing Xbox for so long. And all my achievements are on Xbox. I don’t want to restart on PlayStation on the achievements and I understand there’s a mental Oh, you know, you know you’ve gotten them? Yes, but having them keep being kept track. It’s pretty solid. I don’t care about the G’s the numbers, but the fact that I’ve got these achievements, they mean a lot to me as a gamer. And I’m definitely going to want to transfer the Xbox Series X. A lot of my friends on Xbox, some of our families even on Xbox and I have friends from a long time ago and Xbox that I don’t get to see unless it’s you know, we’re talking to each other on Xbox through a party. So because of me having a 360 and going to a One and now hopefully moving to an X. I have to you know, I’m gonna stick with the Xbox. Listen, PlayStation I like what you’re doing with the exclusives. I love Spider Man, one of my favorite superheroes, but I have to go with Xbox at the end of the day. And I Sony, I am so sorry, but it’s got to be done.

Zach Rogers  12:56  

Alright, next question I have is pretty much how do you like how do you think these launches are gonna go because sometimes launch like console launches, make or break the consoles for years to come. I know that happened with the Xbox One they had a terrible launch and they just kind of took a while to catch back up to the PS4 launch. So Morgan What do you think? Who’s gonna have a better launch? Or will they be on even keel?

Morgan Pangle  13:26  

Listen, I think because the exclusive Sony has, and the fact that Call of Duty Cold War already has their alpha out on Sony. I really are on PlayStation excuse me. I really do think that PlayStation is going to have a more successful launch. I mean, look Xbox mocked PlayStation for pre orders on the Microsoft Twitter account mocked and some of their representatives mocked PlayStation for their awful pre orders and the Xbox came out and had an even worse pre order. It just seems like when Xbox tried to one up PlayStation and only it only got only got worse for them. So here it’s hard to see the Xbox out performing the PlayStation. I’m in first week first month sales because the PlayStation has so many exclusives. So many more just popular exclusives. And I think Spider Man plays such a major role in that. And I just really think because of the stronger PC gaming community among Microsoft fans because people with Windows because people have PCs, play Microsoft games that can be played on Xbox. There’s not, there’s not going to be much of demand for Xbox as there is for the PlayStation. So I think PlayStation is going to come out the gate a lot stronger. I think Xbox will eventually be able to catch up. But because of the ability to play a lot of Xbox games on PC and have your progress transfer over. A lot of people who have a decent PC really don’t see a reason to go out and get that new Xbox.

Zach Rogers  14:55  

Yeah, I’d have to agree with you because even though, even though I agree with what Microsoft’s doing with the backwards compatibility and just how much powerful their Series X is to the PlayStation 5, the PS5. I mean, you’re right, like Microsoft has such a huge PC, PC fan base to where they can play games on their PC through through that platform. I just think that PlayStation, PS5 and just Sony will will take off pretty much way ahead of the Xbox Series S and Series X. Though I think in the long run, that Xbox is going to be, Xbox Series S and Series X are going to be more remembered in the future than PlayStation 5, because even though they have all their exclusives, even though they have Spider Man Miles Morales, whatever you call it, that that’s not going to be enough to to satisfy people in the long run to where Microsoft has the these backwards compatibility titles, to where they can keep fans and keep their fan base interested for years to come. 

Morgan Pangle  16:05  

Yeah, for sure. I know, of course, as the Xbox One has been out for quite some time. I’ve only really recently been playing backwards compatible games on the Xbox One, ones I have disc for. So when a consoles life cycle really starts to dip, that’s where the backwards compatibility really comes in as a clutch feature. I, I agree with you that you hit the hit the nail on the head with that one. PS5 out the gate is going to be much stronger, but it’s not how you start. It’s about how you finish. I think because of that backwards compatibility and just the more accessible ways to play with Xbox, it’s going to have a stronger finish, a stronger life cycle than the PlayStation 5 is. 

Zach Rogers  16:46  

So next we’re just going to talk about the titles like what title are you most, whether it’s PS5, whether it’s Xbox Series S or X, what like new game are you excited about this fall? 

Morgan Pangle  17:00  

Um, wow. So that’s a good question. I got a lot of games I’m excited about this one is tough. Man, I will have to go with this one, I’m gonna have to go with Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. And let me tell you why I am a big Call Of Duty Black Ops fan. Now any game that’s not Black Ops, you might not see me playing I’m gonna be honest. But Black Ops games, man, some of my favorites. I love the multiplayer. I love the campaign fluctuate back and forth and have one but I love the campaign. And most of all, I love Black Ops zombies. I think zombies is one of the best gaming experiences. One of the best modern gaming experiences out there so much character behind zombies, and just something that you don’t have to have friends to play with. When you do have it really elevates that experience. And something that you can play a lot more casually. So I am looking for the return of zombies. Looking forward to that. With Black Ops 4 zombies, definitely taking a dip in terms of popularity from zombies fans, I am looking for Black Ops Cold War to really remedy a lot of those mistakes that Black Ops 4 kind of created. And to come out with a zombies experience that really brings back not only that nostalgic feel, but also really implement some new systems that fans are gonna like. 

Zach Rogers  18:13  

Yeah, and I think one of my favorites, even even though I prefer Microsoft, I prefer Xbox. I’ve really really enjoyed Spider Man PS4 and I hadn’t even really played it, but I just love watching it for the gameplay and for the story and the way it was implemented. And I’m excited to see what happens with I think Spider Man Miles Morales just interesting to see his story because I remember watching Spider Man Into the Spiderverse and how they went into his story, and how his origin story and how he he became his own superhero in his own right. And Spider Man PS4 pretty much sets up that up at the very end, spoilers, but it sets it up at the very end. And so for two years, they’ve been teasing, and they’ve been setting up Miles Morales to have his own game and now we’re here and I’m excited to see how they’re able to implement that how they’re able to do that story wise, where it’s gonna go, what villains are going to be used and just how he’s going to change over the course and even though I’m not playing, I love watching gameplays of like certain games. I know I will definitely be watching the campaign for Call of Duty Cold War, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War the backup scoreboard. Excuse me, and I’m just excited for Giambi really just excited for new games for this one especially.

Morgan Pangle  19:38  

Yeah and Spider Man. Love him as a superhero. Spider Man has always been that kind of superhero that really is relatable. He’s just this teen that’s a little older but has the this cocky attitude and is always funny comic relief. And this Miles Morales games looks like it’s gonna be really great. 

But I wanted to update you guys on something that happened recently in the gaming community in terms of publishers, we’re just talking about Microsoft. Microsoft actually just purchased ZeniMax, which is the parent company of Bethesda Studios. And for those unfamiliar with Bethesda Studios, they are responsible for many games you may be familiar with for the entirety of the Fallout franchise. They also, they also did Doom. Bethesda is just a company that has really pushed out a lot of games recently that have really taken off. I mean, they have done, they have really put together a lot of good games. and now Microsoft owns that. And I remember when Microsoft bought Minecraft, and the changes that they brought to that. So it’s going to be really interesting to see what Microsoft can bring to the table in terms of Bethesda. I know, Microsoft, unfortunately has this knack for um, they do these microtransactions. And that’s a bit evidence since they’ve bought Minecraft. So for the future Bethesda gamers, people who play Fallout, Skyrim, Doom, etc. Very curious to see what Microsoft is going to was going to do as it as bought those games? Will it have a lot of control creative control over the those games? Or was this by simply a strategic process as the new consoles come out?

Zach Rogers  21:21  

Yeah, no, I agree with you. Buying Bethesda is a huge deal, because, but does that has tons and tons of titles under their belt? I know you said the entirety of the fallout franchise doom and doom franchise, they also had the Elder Scrolls. I played a lot of Skyrim, back when I was younger, but it will be interesting to see how they develop these these games, whereas they’ve bought Bethesda. Because I remember a couple years ago, they bought tons. They bought several, I mean dozens of companies. And they’re like in a huge buyout, and they still haven’t come up with any games with those studios. So I think this was purely a marketing like scheme for the for the new consoles, the Xbox Series S and the Series X. Because I mean, there’s no results from those previous IP’s. And now they got Bethesda, I don’t think it will be they’ll probably be 3 years, maybe 2 to 3 years before they come out with a title. I sure hope not. I really hope it doesn’t. Because, I mean, I love Bethesda games. And I really hope they come out with new ones and linked the next year or two. And that will definitely help boost the lifecycle of the Series S and the Series X and it will boost playability and it will boost popularity. So I mean, that’s what I think. But if they don’t do anything with it in 2 to 3 years, it’s pretty much just a PR stunt. 

And I think that’s it. Thanks Morgan. I appreciate you being here for the for the first episode of Next On the Sticks. And as my co host will be here with me next week. So thank you guys for tuning in this week. Make sure you come back next week where we talk about the evolution of Madden NFL football. You’re not gonna want to miss it! This has been Zach Rogers and Morgan Pangle on Next On The Sticks.

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