BCUnited’s Safety Tips for Halloween

Making the Most of Halloween in 2020


Joshua Whittington

BCUnited encouraged students to be safe if they were planning to go out on Halloween. An alternative for celebrating Halloween inside is visiting a pumpkin patch, along with other outside activities.

Jalissa White-Jones, Staff Writer

Bridgewater Va. – During the week of Oct. 25, BCUnited used Instagram to interact with students during the week of Halloween and during the Red Flag campaign. 

Helpful safety tips were posted to guide students in how to be safe and have fun while celebrating Halloween. 

Some of these tips include “how to be safe while going out and to be careful if you choose to consume alcohol,” said Shannon Pope Director of Student Wellness

BCUnited recommended spacing out the amount of drinks to consume over time, drinking non-alcoholic drinks, as well as having a designated driver and keeping track of the amount of drinks consumed. 

The organization posted alternatives to going out. These alternatives included attending events provided by Student Life, having movie night with roommates, visiting a corn maze and Fear Forest in Harrisonburg.

Bridgewater College roommates and Juniors Sam Brooks and Katy Mattox spent their Halloween evening inside “reading spooky ghost stories and watching movies,” while also being dressed up as the comic duo Batman and Robin.

BCUnited continues to encourage Bridgewater College students to wear a mask, social distance and wash their hands as often as possible when going out.