Review of “I Care A Lot”

A New Netflix Thriller Keeps Viewers on The Edge of Their Seats


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Rosamund Pike is the main actress in one of Netflix’s newest films “I Care A Lot.” This movie features a dramatic story based on true events with an attention to detail and an ending that will surprise you.

Molly Lynch, Staff Writer

Stafford, Va.  – One of Netflix’s top new movies, “I Care A Lot” is a suspenseful thriller for viewers to indulge in. The movie has Rosamund Pike playing the main character of Marla Grayson, Peter Dinklage playing the character of Roman Lunyov and several other talented actors.

Pike won the best actress Golden Globe award for her antiheroine role in the movie.  

Marla is a character who traps older people by becoming their caregiver in order to get their money. However, Marla encounters Jennifer Peterson — who is an older woman that ends up being a little harder to take advantage of. Peterson’s family is in the movie-long battle to gain control back from Marla. 

 CNN recently talked about the new Netflix movie stating, “Grayson is polished and ruthless and operates under her own code of feminism — she can swindle people as much as any man — to reign terror on people’s lives.”

The CNN article also talked about an interview Pike had with Netflix about the series. “She was everything I’ve wanted to see in a woman on screen — (she’s) allowed to do the things that men have always been allowed to do: be ruthless, ambitious… strive for exactly what she wants, shamelessly and unambiguously,” stated the CNN article. 

This new Netflix series provides viewers with a female antihero they almost want to root for. The series is inspired by real-life events, which is the craziest part for the viewers due to the surprising ending and changing plot lines throughout the movie. 

There are also some small details that really make the movie fully developed, such as Marla’s vape. The “real life” Marla was apparently out hustled by a bigger and cheaper vape shop that opened by hers. 

In an article written by cnet, Pike talks about her opinion on the vape stating, “And I think every time she inhales, it’s bringing that attitude to it. It’s the attitude of having been screwed and now you’re out to screw everybody.”

This movie is great for anyone to watch who enjoys a good thriller. In my opinion, Pike received a well deserved award for her role and Dinklage’s character takes a surprising turn in the end.