Review of “Moxie”

A New Netflix Film Encourages Making A Difference in Your Own Way


Moxie Netflix via Instagram

“Moxie” is a film released on Netflix in March 2021 that follows a teen’s fight against sexism in her high school and her anonymous attempt to put it to rest.

Brooke DiCicco, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – On March 5, 2021, Netflix released a film called “Moxie” based on a novel by Jennifer Mathieu. The film follows a teenager named Vivian through her experiences of misogyny in high school. Actress Amy Pohler directs the film and stars as Vivian’s mother, Lisa. 

The film is just under two hours long, with feel-good experiences throughout the duration. 

Empowered by her mother’s past in rebellious protesting, Vivian sees a way she can help change her school while hiding from the spotlight. Her best friend, Claudia, also finds her own way to help the group’s involvement in protesting the sexism in the school.

Vivian is frustrated by Claudia’s lack of involvement in the protests, and abandons her to hang out with her new group of like-minded friends,” states “Eventually, Claudia says to Vivian, ‘I do care. You just need to let me do it my way, okay?’ ‘Moxie’ allows for this point to be made, and strongly, across a diverse group of participants. 

“Any group that demands monolithic conformity—or only includes a certain kind of person with a certain kind of outlook/background/attitude—does not deserve to call itself liberating. ‘Moxie’ gets that,” states

“Moxie” puts into perspective how some may be used to behaviors and not see the harm those behaviors could be causing. In addition, the film illustrates that making a difference can be done in your own way as long as you put some effort into the cause that you are pushing for.

If movies based on novels are your thing or if you enjoy movies that are empowering and that make you feel moved to help a cause, this is a film for you.