Bridgewater College Art Student Invitational

Molly Lynch, Staff Writer

Stafford, Va. – Bridgewater College students participating in seven art and photography courses were given the opportunity to showcase their artwork at the Bridgewater College Art Student Invitational this semester.

Students involved are both art majors and non-art majors. The artwork was on display at the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery located in the John Kenny Forrer Learning Commons for students and faculty members to view.

Nina King, a junior art major at BC, was nominated by her professor to present some of her photography portraits. 

“It is a really heart-warming feeling to be able to go into the gallery and see what other students have created,” said King. “The gallery now has a screen and projector that allowed videography students to be featured, so I think being able to bring recognition to students in a good number of the studio classes that Bridgewater College offers made this art exhibition one that was extremely special to see.” 

Chase Rosenthal, a senior non-art major, also participated in the exhibit. Rosenthal is enrolled in a photography course with Professor of Art Scott Jost, who notified him that his art was displayed.

“I made a video about my time during covid, and how it affected my football and athletic life,” said Rosenthal. “I would encourage others to take photography or videography who have that type of interest. It was a good experience.”

“I would love to participate again next year if given the opportunity. It is a really good feeling to have your art hanging where many people can see it. It allows me to have a strong sense of pride in my work,” said King.