Asian Student Association Holds First Meetings


Ash Austin (left) and Grace Kellar (right)

Bailey Morrison (left) and Delilah Prybylski (right) are the only officers for the Asian Student Association — currently, they are also the only permanent members.

Mackenzie Hammack, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. -The Asian Student Association at Bridgewater College is small and facing obstacles, but they are persevering to continue holding events and hosting meetings this year.

Senior Delilah Prybylski and junior Bailey Morrison are co-presidents of the association.

“We want to have multiple events planned, but since the only permanent members are our officers,” said Prybylski. “The club suffered a heavy blow during COVID-19 and we are trying to rebuild membership and find new E-board members to keep the club going.”

Yuka Kishida, associate professor of history and political science and advisor to the association, is on leave for the semester. “While I am on leave, I have asked Sam Schlernitzauer to serve as ASA’s advisor,” said Kishida.

ASA’s first meeting was on Sept. 14 and focused on meeting the officers, a presentation with facts about Asia, a game showing the diversity of Asia and discussion of Ganesh Chaturthi — a Hindu holiday that was on Sept. 10.

ASA’s second meeting was on Sept. 20 at 6 p.m. in the IDEA center, which is planned to be the regular place and time for their weekly meetings. This meeting celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival that is observed across Asia.

Looking forward, ASA will be celebrating Lunar New Year next semester and plans to have a karaoke night.

The ASA can be found on Instagram @bridgewater_asa or emailed at [email protected].