Bridgewater College Republicans Club Supports Upcoming Election


Katelyn Harrison

Pictured above from left to right are some of the College Republicans Executive Board: senior Madison Stearns, first vice chair; senior Jared Browne, chairman; senior Angel Laboo, secretary; and sophomore Corey Keller, treasurer. The College Republicans hold regular meetings for members that feature discussions and are planning to expand the club to include frequent social events that will increase club visibility in the community.

Katelyn Harrison, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The Bridgewater College Republicans club had their most recent meeting on Tues. Oct. 19, which included a Zoom call with a campaign organizer and group discussion on recent events in the news. 

The meeting began with the Zoom call with Aaron Buaghman, who is a field organizer for the Youngkin Campaign in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Buaghman talked about what it was like working with a campaign and what club members can do to get involved in the campaign. 

“We’re gonna do what we can for the election,” said senior and club chairman Jared Browne. “You know we’re in a time crunch and it can be hard to organize that, but that is still a real goal.” 

The second portion of the meeting included a discussion on current events that have come up in the news. 

“It went pretty well. At the end there I think it was a good discussion when it comes to current news and things like that,” said club member and junior Alex Smith. “We tried to get everybody involved, so overall I think everything went pretty well.” 

The club meets biweekly with a discussion on current events as a big part of each meeting. 

“A lot of times, I’ll put together a little presentation basically and kind of lay out our agenda,” said Browne. “Then have a kind of review from the last week or so that I think would be interesting to the club, and we’ll do a conversation starter of some sort.” 

Looking ahead to after the campaign season, the club is still deciding on what kinds of events they want to hold. 

“Our big goal is to just try to make ourselves more visible to the general student population,” said Browne. “Because a lot of people you know don’t know we’re here or they know we’re around, but they don’t have an accurate image of what we do.” 

The club is also looking to schedule less-official social gatherings for the group during weeks that they do not have a scheduled meeting. 

“We want it to be as fun and social as it is official and edifying,” said Browne.  

If interested in joining the College Republicans club, you can either speak to Browne in person or email him at [email protected]