Bridgewater College’s Commuter Engagement Club Meets at Smiley’s


The Commuter Engagement Club held their meeting for November at Smiley’s Ice Cream. Members mentioned this was the best turnout for one of their events this semester.

Mackenzie Hammack, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Bridgewater College’s Commuter Engagement Club had their monthly meeting at Smiley’s Ice Cream on Nov. 12. The attendees were treated to ice cream and were able to continue to meet other commuters in order to get to know them better.

“There’s not a lot of events for commuters besides this club, so it’s really great to meet other commuters and bond with them,” said sophomore Rheannon Fultz. “I struggle to make friends on campus because of that reason, so stuff like this can be really nice.”

Commuters met with Associate Dean of Students Whitney Smith at Smiley’s to purchase ice cream, but students were grouped together and chatting with each other before Smith arrived. After they had their ice cream, they all sat together at one table outside to eat and continue talking.

“We like to be able to work with the commuters to provide a space for them to come together since we’re a primarily residential campus,” said Smith. “It’s important that they find their space and build their connections as well.”

Eight students attended the event, including three who are involved in planning and coordinating the club and its events. Members noted that this was the best turnout they have had this semester as they have had trouble reaching commuters.

Smith also mentioned that there was a “revitalized commuter community” thanks to individual commuters stepping up and advocating for a Commuter Engagement Club and planning events.

“We just decided to have a club for all commuters to kind of get together, because commuters are kind of separate from residents at Bridgewater — since a majority of people at Bridgewater are residents,” said sophomore Maddie Paladino, who helped coordinate this month’s event.

Paladino also mentioned that the club has a planning committee that “anyone is welcome to join” that meets in order to plan the club’s monthly events. The next planning committee meeting will be in the spring to plan events for next semester.

The next and final event for the semester will be ice skating in December. A specific date was not mentioned.

Students interested in joining the Commuter Engagement Club or joining the email list can reach out to Coordinator of Student Engagement and Leadership Sam Schlernitzauer, one of the club’s advisors, at [email protected] or Maddie Paladino at [email protected].