Dancing Under the Stars at Spring Formal


Trey Pratt

Inside the tent, students danced the night away under the bright lights. Those in attendance celebrated the Spring Formal between 9:00 p.m. and midnight.

Hunter Aversa, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- On Saturday, April 15 from 9 p.m. to midnight, Bridgewater students dressed up and celebrated at the Spring Formal, dancing and taking photos, as the academic year nears a close.

The event was set up on the lawn in front of McKinney underneath a large tent. The area included places to dance, take photos, grab refreshments and sit. 

“I wish it was a bit bigger, but it was still very pretty looking,” said senior Adam Lorfink. “I also wish there was more seating and more options for food.”

At spring formal, there were offerings of chicken cordon bleu and a variety of chocolate, as well as punch and water to drink. 

“I wish that they would send out a list of what food might be there for those like myself with allergies,” said sophomore Annabelle Terry.

The event was overseen by members of Student Life, with the food organized by Parkhurst Dining.

Students were encouraged to wear semiformal attire and were welcome to bring guests to attend the event, giving everyone a chance to celebrate the year wrapping up with friends in and outside of Bridgewater.

“I chose what I wore because I wanted to look nice, while also trying to have fun with it,” said freshman Jonah Todd. “I actually really enjoyed the dance. They had some good songs and all my friends showed up and had a blast.”

Leading up to the event, students were able to submit song requests to create a set that best suits the student body. The DJ played songs based on the student body’s requests.

“I had lots of fun and was really happy to have been able to have a say in the music played,” said senior Meridian Gillespie.

Residence Life also had involvement leading up to the formal, as RA’s took to the residents halls to tape invitations to spring formal to each door.

“I enjoyed seeing friends and engaging with members of campus. Coming from being a freshman during the pandemic, this was something that wasn’t expected,” said junior Alex Jensen. “This was also the first year I went to formal, as I was off campus last year.”