Residence Hall Life


Kaia Richardson

Sophomore RA Kara Beth Eppard showcases her artistic abilities to display among her residents. The bulletin in Heritage reflects community and warm welcoming among the halls.

Kaia Richardson, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Resident Advisors have proposed new events for the upcoming Valentine’s Day for their residence hall students by displaying their bulletin boards for the season.

“We are currently planning our active events for this month. Our active events haven’t been approved yet but we are planning on hosting an event for Valentines,” said sophomore Kara Eppard. “We want to do it Feb. 10 and it allows Bridgewater students to come out and make cards for their friends and people they care about.”

RAs meet every week to discuss details about student life. For example, they make preparations for who is on duty for the week and brainstorm ideas for their next event to host for their residence hall. There are 13 housing options on campus and each housing location is equipped with an RA.

Events are a part of a residence hall because they establish long lasting relationships with the RA and between hallmates. 

“I am a first year residence advisor , it is really exciting and my favorite part about being an RA is interacting with my residents because I love getting to talk to them and see them around,” said Eppard. “My second favorite thing about being an RA is doing my bulletin board.”

“Many RAs love making long lasting friendships,” said Eppard. 

Being an RA also offers financial benefits that may be particularly motivating. 

“Being an RA has given me a job opportunity that allows me to afford going to school at BC and for that I am thankful,” said sophomore Matthew Ellis.

BC residence advisors get a stipend of $5,500 for room and board.