Women at Work Makes Plans for the New Semester

Stormi Nuckoles, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Women at Work is an action-based club at Bridgewater College designed to raise awareness on issues pertaining to women and focus on how to amend those issues. The club hosts a multitude of events throughout the school year to raise awareness to their cause and are currently making plans for the new semester. 

“Women at Work would like its presence to act as a signal of hope for those who have been affected by women’s violence, and would like to encourage those individuals to seek solidarity with others,” said club president and junior Beth Gaver. “It also acts as an advocacy group, a collection of individuals who fight for a certain cause: women’s rights and issues.”

Gaver’s goals for the future of the club are to increase sustainability and have a larger presence on campus.

Women at Work was founded in 2019, and has had steady membership ever since. However, due to the pandemic many clubs on campus are facing depletion of its members or even extinction. 

Gaver would like to host the annual food and hygiene drive again, depending on Covid-19 regulations. She would also like to begin partnering with other clubs to expand the cause and include a more variety of individuals. There are hopes for discussions and other active events. 

Senior club member Kai Bowman, would like to see more events such as the Women’s March and round table discussions regarding women’s issues. 

“I would like to see more campus wide events that will bring together the Bridgewater College community and maybe even the town itself to create a bigger opportunity for change and advocacy,” said Bowman. 

“The club’s primary goal at the moment is to look for future members and underclassmen to later carry on with the club and resume a leadership position or be a part of the eboard,” said Gaver. “New members also bring forth new ideas and ways of change to the club that would be beneficial.”

Gaver would like anyone who has any ideas or wants to be in a leadership role, to please reach out to her. In regards to new club members, you do not have to be a woman to join the club. 

“It’s a really strong group of people that have a lot of common beliefs and goals and I really support it,” said Bowman. 

For more information regarding Women at Work events, please contact Beth Gaver directly at [email protected] or follow the club on Instagram @bc.women.at.work.


Note: An earlier version of this story attributed the quote about the club’s goal to Bowman. Story was updated Feb. 5, 2022.