What Happened to Las Aguilas?


Tyler Tabor

Las Aguilas sponsored several events and activities including decorating sugar skulls for Dia de los Muertos in 2019.

Elysia Gomez, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – BC lists over 60 student-run clubs and organizations. Ten of those are listed as BC Identities and formally included Las Aguilas, which is now disbanded. 

Las Aguilas supported cross-cultural friendships and promoted networking with people from any culture and ethic backgrounds. For students who wanted to practice their Spanish skills, it also gave them an opportunity to speak with native Spanish speakers. 

“We had a lot of meetings where we played games and watched videos in Spanish,” said junior Bailey Morrison. “There were also times where we made Hispanic foods, like pupusas, and I liked that.” 

Las Aguilas is no longer meeting because no students stepped forward to serve on the executive board.

“Las Aguilas is a great place to be around other spanish speakers” said junior Garrett Estep “not feel like the pressure to be perfect and it is a very open environment.” 

Covid-19 disrupted other clubs that have not yet formed again since the transition back to campus this year, including the Black Student Association and the Dialogue Club.