The African Student Association Brings a Different Culture to Campus


Ronald Robinson

Juniors Shawn Harris and Devon Hyman pose for a picture after the Afro Fest Fashion show that was held on campus and hosted by the African Student Association in early April.

Ronald Robinson, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. –Bridgewater College is a community that places an emphasis on inclusion, and part of that mission is accomplished through various clubs on campus. 

The African Student Association is a group of African, African American and other students who are interested in learning about different African cultures. This group is a place for people to come together on a campus where there are not as many African American and African students.

This club originated from a common feeling about the lack of representation of African American and African students in school. 

“It was really lively and refreshing to be around many like-minded people and to step away from the main demographic at Bridgewater,” said junior sociology major Shawn Harris. 

Junior Devon Hyman was asked to participate in ASA’s Afro Fest, a program where students learned information about several different African cultures. 

“It was cool how the African Student Association brought in different people too,” said Hyman, “The work was very professional.”