School Back in Session for Boys & Girls Club


Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club is in full swing with activities and after-school childcare services this fall as the organization begins their school year programs.

Abby Gaver, Web Editor

Bridgewater, Va.- Boys & Girls Club of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County adjusts to the 2022-2023 school year by continuing youth programs outside of school hours and by opening new locations to meet demand throughout the county.

What’s New

As students returned to school this fall, Boys & Girls Club has started school year programming, which serves about 455 youth.

The organization, which values high accessibility to youth development, has multiple branches and continues to open others to accommodate needs.

“Boys & Girls Club has seven clubs in six locations, and has just opened another club to better serve the needs of the community,” said Executive Director Sandra Quigg.

Why it Matters

According to the National Youth Outcomes Initiative (NYOI) Report in 2020, there was a positive correlation between students who were in the Boys & Girls Clubs and their academic success, character, leadership and lifestyle health. For example, members of  Boys & Girls Clubs were 49% more likely to volunteer monthly among teens and 35% were more likely to be on track to graduate high school on time.

“Boys & Girls Club’s niche is serving everyone: both those who can afford childcare and youth development services and those who cannot,” said Quigg. “We make sure safe and caring adults are available for those who need them. We value accessibility for all.”

According to the nonprofit’s website, the core promise of the organization is all about a safe, ethical and impactful environment for youth in the community.

Senior Ashley Martin volunteered at the Franklin County branch of Boys & Girls Club in 2019. 

“It’s impactful because the kids I worked with were in a lower-income community. It didn’t cost anything to sign up at the branch I worked in,” said Martin.

What’s Ahead

Boys & Girls Club continues to accept volunteers, interns and employees, with applications available on their website, which states they seek caring mentors and role models to help create a safe space for members. 

“We have plenty of employment opportunities year-round. We have flexible hours during the school year as well,” said Quigg.

During Martin’s time volunteering for Boys & Girls Club, she spent time assisting in the educational development of the members.

 “I remember we started a garden for the kids as a project, and we typically helped with homework,” said Martin. “You get to help kids with proactive activities. I loved working with kids and being a positive impact on their lives”