Fashion in a Click: Online Clothing Shopping


Jessica Arnold

Online clothing stores such as Cider have become a popular place for teens and young adults to find new clothes. While some prefer to use a virtual shopping bag, others stick with the real thing and choose to head to physical stores.

Jessica Arnold, Video Manager

Middletown, Va.- There has been a large increase in online shopping over the past few years, and many fashion brands have found success through their online sales, some without having any physical stores at all.

What’s New?

  • Fashion companies such as Shein, Cider, Fashion Nova and Romwe have become popular clothing retailers for teens and young adults, all while having little to no brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Advertisements for stores like these can be found mainly across social media platforms, and they are sometimes promoted by social media influencers.
  • Some online retailers, such as Shein, are known for having very low prices, but some debate if the quality of the clothing is worth it. 
  • “I have bought clothes off of Shein a couple times,” said junior Reilly Heinbaugh. “It seems really great because everything is so cheap, but I wasn’t the biggest fan.”

Why it Matters:

  • Some find themselves shopping for clothes less at physical stores and more with online retailers, while others prefer to stick to traditional stores.
  • “I primarily buy clothes online now,” said senior Meghann Burgess. “I still go to physical stores, but I notice I usually walk out without buying anything.”
  • “I prefer to buy clothes in the store just so I’m able to try things on and make sure it’s the right size,” said Heinbaugh. 

What’s Ahead:

  • These online clothing retailers will continue to pull in shoppers, and new clothing companies with an online focus will likely emerge.
  • “Online shopping definitely makes things easier in terms of shipping and finding exactly what you’re looking for,” said Burgess. “However, it’s dangerous because all it takes is a couple clicks, and you’ve spent way too much money.”