Showvember Scores Big Hits

Netflix Additions for November

Brandon Wells, Staff Writer

So far, 2018 has been a big year for Netflix. With its newest additions in November, the year gets a little bigger. Earlier this year, Netflix clashed with the powerhouse that is Disney. Netflix made a big enough mark in the fast-growing world of online streaming that Disney began to feel threatened. As Disney moves forward with their own streaming service they felt it was best to take all Disney affiliated movies off Netflix. In response to what should have hurt Netflix very badly, they continued to have a stellar year with many hit releases.

The highlight for the month must be the release of the original “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Granted this was technically an October addition, it was a late release and certainly propels the month of November forward.

Also, fans of the “Harry Potter” series were overjoyed to hear all eight installments were coming to Netflix. This however, turned out not to be true.

As far as November releases go, there were set to be 29 releases on the first of the month. This huge day highlighted big hits such as “Doctor Strange”–one of the last Disney movies that will be put on Netflix–Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” “Cloverfield” and “Good Will Hunting” (Hollywood Reporter).

Also, throughout the month of November, many Christmas movies will be added as the holiday season approaches.

Spread throughout the month, additions such as “House of Cards: Season Six,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” “Westside,” “Narcos: Mexico” and many stand-up performances. Before you ask the answer is yes, even “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Best Gift Ever” was added (Hollywood Reporter).

Along with new releases, there are also those that are leaving Netflix. Throughout Showvember, Movies such as “Jurassic Park” one through three, “Land Before Time” one through three, “Paddington,” “Undercover Boss” seasons one through five, “Hellboy II: The Golden Army,” and many more will no longer be available to stream (Variety).

Although a lot of big hits left Netflix this month, the new releases seem to dominate the month. The struggle against Disney to keep obtaining releases such as “Doctor Strange” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” will certainly continue (Variety).

It should be interesting to see what happens in the world of streaming in the coming months.