Students’ Favorite Christmas Movies


"Bloody Disgusting"

David Harbour’s bloody version of Santa from “Violent Night.” This was one of the movie recommendations from Bridgewater students.

Bryce Heinbaugh, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- Christmas is fast approaching, and Christmas movies are one way students celebrate the holiday. BC students express their favorite holiday films and their excitement for new releases. 

What’s New:

  • Senior Nathaly Sanchez said that his favorite Christmas movie is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” from 2000 starring Jim Carrey. 
  • “I just love the Grinch’s humor,” Sanchez said. “It is one of the many movies I grew up watching when I was younger.”
  • Junior Travis Mccauley also enjoys the Grinch franchise, but instead, the newer iteration made by Illumination Studios in 2018, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. 
  • “It reminds me of ‘Despicable Me,’ which is made by the same animation studio,” said Mccauley. 

Why It Matters:

  • For some students, watching Christmas movies is a way to get into the holiday spirit. 
  • “They make me happy and excited,” said Mccauley. “It gets you in the mood for Christmas and that it is around the corner.”

What’s Ahead:

  • The next big Christmas movie to release is “Violent Night,” an R-rated movie where it is up to Santa, played by “Stranger Things” star David Harbour, to save a family from a group of mercenaries taking them hostage.
  • “It looks like it’s going to be epic,” said Sanchez. “It may become a new favorite if it lives up to the hype.”
  • “Violent Night” releases in theaters and streaming services on Dec. 2 and will a fitting choice for action movie fans. If you are not into violent, action-packed films, it is probably best you go back to watching Hallmark movies.