Desserts with the Dean During Spring 2023


Kaia Richardson

Student lounge in front of the fireplace in the Learning Commons as one of the regular meeting places for Desserts with the Dean. Student Life staff provide a relaxed and student enhanced experience monthly for anyone who chooses to engage in recreational conversation and snacks.

Kaia Richardson, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students Leslie Frere gathered for this month’s student engagement with desserts and informal conversation among Bridgewater students and other department coordinators in the FLC.  

What’s New?

  • Every month, Student Life organizes Desserts with the Dean as an opportunity for students to feel heard and appreciated by the members of the student life staff and the other department heads at Bridgewater College.
  • “Questions or concerns about Bridgewater College are why we are here, and we intend to make each and every student who attends feel as safe and comfortable as possible,” said Frere. “It is truly a great conversational opportunity for Bridgewater College students to feel heard and understand that no matter what, I will always be here to support and listen to the students.”

Why it Matters:

  • The main goal of the event is to create a safe space that allows students to have the ability to converse with each other in an organic and informal environment. The event provides alternatives for students who don’t operate well under appointment-affiliated situations. Attendees of the event vary monthly, and the event does not set hard dates due to the mission to remain a natural and comfortable event. 
  • “The event is pretty chill. We talk about everyday life, and it is truly a friendly environment. Leslie makes it super fun, and it’s fun to see new staff come and engage with us as we add our input on different things within Bridgewater College,” said sophomore Eric Tiffany.socia

What’s Ahead: 

  • Desserts with the Dean will be held every month in the Spring semester with varying dates throughout the week.
  • “One of my favorite hours in any week is the Desserts with the Dean event. Having face-to-face time and being able to talk about whatever they would like is the best part of my job,” said Frere.