“Full Swing” releases on Netflix


Amer Hilabi

Bryson DeChambeau hits a driver off the tee during a tournament last year. DeChambeau is one of the many professional golfers who have moved from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf.

Kevin Tiffey, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- The documentary “Full Swing,” is about the life of golfers on the PGA Tour, as well as the players’ views on the new Saudi Arabia backed golf league, LIV Golf. The film recently released on Netflix, and several BC students have reviewed it.

What’s New?

The documentary gives viewers a taste of what the life of professional golfers is like, on and off the course, across a season of high-stakes competition during the PGA Tour.

LIV Golf is a new golf league created by Saudi Arabia within the last year that pays players millions of dollars.

“I really like what Netflix has done with this documentary. We really do get to see what it is like to play professional golf and all that goes into playing it,” said junior Hayden Gourley. 

Why Does It Matter?

This is the first time any documentary has been made on the life of a professional golfer during the PGA Tour. It shows all that they do leading up to, during and after tournaments. 

The audience can see the feelings and emotions of being a professional golfer, as well as how the current players on the tour feel about the LIV golf league.

What’s Ahead?

Netflix has already announced that there will be a season two coming to Netflix in the future. 

“I am really excited to see that they are coming out with a second season. The first season was great, and I am really excited for what they have in store for season two,” said junior Clay Lawrence.