Building the Dream Team: Performance Anxiety


Allison Burris

Junior women’s lacrosse player Kaity Petersheim holds up one of the resources given to student-athletes at the performance anxiety event outside the President’s Suite on Thursday, March 16.

Allison Burris, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- On Thursday, March 16, BC United teamed up with counseling services to provide a session for student-athletes about the unique anxieties surrounding sports and athletes.

Student-athletes from all different teams gathered in the President’s Suite for an hour on Thursday evening to have a safe space to discuss different questions about their own sports anxieties led by Head of Counseling Services Courtney Zongrone.

The event started with Zongrone going into the definitions and feelings different athletes experience when dealing with sports anxiety. The event was an open forum, so athletes were able to connect similar feelings with others.

“I thought it was really comforting knowing that every team goes through the same things and that I’m not feeling alone with the anxiety I get before a big game, because the majority of athletes get the same feelings I do,” said junior women’s lacrosse player Kaity Petersheim.

Student-athletes opened up about rituals before games, things that help them get in the right mindset, outside factors to their mindset and more. While discussing these topics, Zongrone would lead the group from question to question, making the group comfortable talking about the topic and finding that they are not alone in these feelings. 

Zongrone wrapped up the session by handing out papers with useful tools on how to navigate these anxieties before the game, during the game and after the game. Athletes were able to inquire about other ways to cope with these anxieties and build those connections with other athletes.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to build a support network for athletes, and I look forward to other talks with them in the future,” said sophomore women’s lacrosse player Caris Cianelli.

BC United hopes to continue to work with counseling services through their series “Building the Dream Team.” 

This series will cover several topics that are often overlooked within the mental side of sports. They hope to have another session soon to continue the sense of community.