Fun and Funky Earrings


Jess Loiteron on Pexels

A display of earrings. Some people collect unique earrings to show off their personality.

Jessica Arnold, Video Manager

Bridgewater, Va.- Earrings can be a fun accessory to help add a finishing touch to an outfit, and while some people stick to the basics, others like to choose more eccentric, unique and funny options for their earrings. 

Earrings come in many varieties, from small studs and hoops, to larger gauges and cuffs. There are even funky options like dangly traffic cones, shrimp and rubber duckies.

“I have a pair that are cows being abducted into a UFO,” said sophomore Elizabeth Melton. “They’re iridescent, and I like them a lot.”

Sophomore Annabelle Terry also collects fun earrings, having many favorite pairs.

“I have ones that are hedgehogs,” said Terry. “They’re ceramic, and they were made at the maple festival.”

Choosing more unique accessories can draw attention to your outfit and tell others a bit more about you.

“I like seeing other people wearing funky earrings because it shows their personality,” said Terry. “It shows you something they’re interested in or just something funny. It’s a very good conversation starter.”

Jewelry can also be a great way to express yourself through fashion when other opportunities are more limited, according to Melton.

“When I was in high school, I had a school uniform, so they were the only things I really got to choose,” said Melton.

Unique earring collections have become more popular, with options available at stores like Shein, Amazon, Etsy and many small businesses.

“I’ll go to craft shows and stuff with my mom and grandma, and I’ll come across funky earrings and think ‘oh, I need that,’” said Terry.