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Bridgewater College Graduate Fair Day

Ortez Marshman
Sherry Talbot runs the Virginia Association for Psychological Science graduate school fair table. At the table, you could can talk to different graduate programs and learn information about the programs and their opportunities.

Bridgewater, Va.- On Oct. 6, Bridgewater College hosted a graduate school fair from 3-6 p.m. in Nininger Hall for upcoming undergraduates that are interested in graduate schools.

Undergraduate students and faculty from colleges across Virginia and the surrounding area were invited to attend a free graduate school fair for students in psychological sciences and human services. The fair was co-sponsored by Bridgewater College and the Virginia Association for Psychological Science (VAPS).

“Since I’m a senior, I am looking forward to applying into grad school, so I thought going to this grad fair would be beneficial for me after graduation,” said senior Alex Jenson. “My goal is to connect with people learning about programs that I’m interested in furthering my education in a similar field to my undergraduate degree.”

“I plan on attending graduate school after graduating from Bridgewater College and I would like to know what is all out there for me to decide on what is available, so that’s why going to this fair is very important to me and knowing the programs offered as well,” said senior Jaylin Hertz.  

The graduate school fair offered tips on how students should prepare for events like this, by exploring degree programs, preparing questions to ask representatives about their programs, discussing plans after graduation and what students should do now to prepare for graduate school. 

“The reason I went to the graduate school fair, even though I’m not a senior yet, is because I want to start looking at programs now so that when that time comes for me to graduate I won’t be just now trying to figure out what program or graduate school I would want to attend, so I made sure at this event to ask questions about programs and internship opportunities,” said junior Justin Dobb.

At the graduate fair, people gathered materials on programs of interest, such as business cards, brochures, etc. Also showing portfolios talking about their educational experiences, related internships, volunteer work and job experience. 

“After the graduate fair, before I left, I made sure to take down all the representatives’ names of the programs I was interested in and collected all materials of information that was given to me by the programs,” said senior Jordan Fulgod. “Also after the graduate fair, I decided to research the graduate programs by visiting their websites and following up by email with some of the representatives to ask questions about the enrollment process and what details about their program.”

A graduate school fair is very beneficial for students to explore the diversity of graduate programs by researching and comparing programs offered. They can attend schools and discover programs that match the career goals of students.

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