Climate Strike: “Why I Participated”

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  • Bridgewater senior Brett Lyoshir participated in the Climate Strike to support both the environment and his friends, who ran the event.

  • Bridgewater senior Taylor Sale, pictured on the left, participated because, “I want to see the world become more aware and vigilant in their environmental practices because we are harming the one planet we can call home. And if that takes us going to the street to make people a little more aware that it’s not just us young people that need to worry that the Earth is struggling, so be it.”

  • Bridgewater junior Devon Demartino (fourth from left) participated because, “I would like to allow for my kids to live a longer and better life than me.” Bridgewater senior Allisa Coles (sixth from left) joined the strike because, “I feel as though people believe what they can see. Often times the negative results of climate change are so small and incremental that people fail to see an issue. However, when hundreds of thousands of people around the world gather to tell the truth, lawmakers will start to listen. I wanted to be a part of the movement that got our government and governments around the world thinking.”

  • Bridgewater students line up along Dinkle Avenue to strike against climate change and inform drivers that change must happen.

  • Bridgewater senior Christa McDaniel participated in the climate strike because, “While Bridgewater is a small town, we can still make a big difference by bringing attention to the reality that is climate change.”

  • Bridgewater junior Josh Sprouse, photographed holding the “Yay Earth” sign, said, “As a member of Eco-Action, I participated in the climate strike because what’s happening to our planet isn’t healthy. I love working in nature and observing what beauty there is, but in 50 years or so, there won’t be anything for me or other botanists, mammalogists, or biologists to observe and appreciate. We have to start making a change now since there’s no turning back.”

  • Bridgewater senior Hunter Potts participated in the strike because, “I went out to strike because I want to bring a greater awareness of what climate change is, and how much of a greater impact it has on the world.”

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Holden Andrews, Editor in Chief

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