Dean Addresses the Heat of Summer Changes

Dean Leslie Frere, Guest Contributor

I would like to respond to a radio segment from BC Voice on Sept. 9, regarding changes made at the College over the summer.

First, I understand some students have questions about the College’s decision to end cable service to the residence halls. In the past several years, television-viewing trends have changed drastically. Increasingly more people are streaming their entertainment, and national studies show college students prefer streaming to cable. We found this to be true on our campus and have joined the many other institutions that no longer provide cable to individual residence hall rooms. This enables us to put additional resources into the College’s wireless structure and to provide better televisions and smart TVs in key areas throughout campus.

In the broadcast, it was stated that cable has not yet been provided in the Main Dining Hall in the KCC. I’d like to correct that statement, as cable is, in fact, available there. One of the TVs in the Main Dining Hall is on as I type this message. Unfortunately, the second TV required a replacement part that is scheduled to arrive today, Sept. 26. I’m told that it should be operable by the end of today.

Second, I know some students are disappointed that Take 5 is no longer a dining option on campus. We have to weigh various offerings based on popularity. Because the Main Dining Hall To-Go Program was such a success last year, we determined that broadening that program made the most sense for our student body. So many students were taking advantage of the To-Go Program, it was determined the Take 5 location in Bowman was no longer needed.

Another dining option will become available when the Forrer Learning Commons opens. Smitty’s Café will greatly expand dining offerings on campus, serving a menu of salads, smoothies, grilled paninis, breakfast sandwiches on Mr. J’s Bagels, and more. Smitty’s Cafe will operate on BC Bucks, as well as cash and card. You can try out some of these new menu items now in the Crimson Café.

I understand change can be difficult, and no change will make everyone unanimously happy. We have to make decisions in the operations of the College, and, in doing so, we try to make the decisions that will be most advantageous to the majority of students. 

I’m always happy to answer student questions, and thank you for this valuable way to reach the student body.