Food, Laughter, and Arcade Games

Students Enjoy a Saturday Night out with EP & Busters

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  • Sophomore Jared Browne plays Avatar Pinball while his friends gather and watch.

  • Freshmen Rachel Cubbage and Diana Fewell battle out who grabbed the lit cylinder in the arcade game Snatch It.

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Brooke DiCicco, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- On Saturday, January 11, at 9:00 p.m., an event called “EP & Busters” was put on by Eagle Productions in the Kline Campus Center lobby, dining hall and the Boitnott room. There were various games for students to play and food for students to eat. 

Marking an end to students’ first week back from winter break, Eagle Productions hosted their second event of the new year. Calling it “EP & Busters,” this event was meant to be similar to the restaurant Dave & Busters, but located right on campus. 

Lasting from 9 p.m. to 12. a.m., there were various kinds of food provided in the Main Dining Hall for students to enjoy while lounging with their friends, food from Chick-fil-a in the Boitnott room and arcade-like games located all throughout the entire building. Students also had the opportunity to sign up for a raffle drawing for a chance to win prizes such as a Nintendo Switch.

One game set up for EP & Busters was Mario Kart on the Wii in the Boitnott Room. There were also games such as Big Buck Shooting, a four-player Pacman, skeeball, two-player basketball, and a two-player racing game located in the Main Dining Hall. In the KCC lobby, there were other arcade-like games like Snatch It, a foosball table, an air hockey table, a pool table, and an Avatar pinball machine.

Sophomore Jared Browne saw his friend at the event after dinner and decided to go. Browne tried out the Avatar Pinball machine and said, “I’ve never played pinball before, but it was a lot of fun,” said Browne. 

Another student, freshman Rachel Cubbage, played Snatch It with her roommate, freshman Diana Fewell for the first time. Snatch It is a game that contains five cylinders where two opponents must rest their hands across from each other while waiting for a cylinder to light up. Whoever grabs the cylinder that lights up first, receives a point. Cubbage saw EP & Busters not only as an opportunity to spend time with her current friends but also saw the opportunity to make new ones. Cubbage said,“I’m looking forward to the raffle, to play more games, and hopefully meet another person to play a game with.”

This event had students at every game and students throughout the entire building spending the night out with their friends. EP & Busters provided students with a very laid-back experience while giving students the opportunity to enjoy themselves. Eagle Productions continues to succeed in its ability to bring fun, safe events to students on campus.