BC’s CEO Club Teaches Students How to Dropship



Students involved in the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) at BC have been working with Shopify to learn how to create dropshipping websites.

Jodie Welsh, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) at BC has partnered with Shopify this semester to teach students how to create their own websites. 

The president of the club, senior Essynce Henderson, says the majority of students are creating a dropshipping website — although some students are creating their very own product or service. 

A dropshipping website consists of using a third-party vendor and shipping the product directly to the customer. It uses e-commerce and gives anyone the opportunity to earn a profit in many different ways. Using this method does not require keeping inventory and focuses on managing the online presence. 

Henderson also stated that while in class, the club watched online courses on Shopify Compass that help them to manage their website and implement different dropshipping strategies. 

For more information on the CEO Club, go to bridgewater.edu