BC Students Recommend Two Netflix Original Series

“Lucifer” As a Second Choice to “Squid Game”

Lucifer (A Netflix Original show)

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When his life gets boring living in Hell, Lucifer retires from his throne to move to Los Angeles. “Lucifer” can be watched on Netflix.

Zachary Gray, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – When asking students on Bridgewater College’s campus which movies or TV series they were watching, “Squid Game” was the top suggestion and “Lucifer” was a close second. 

“Squid Game’ is very interesting to watch. Too bad it’s only one season out for now,” said sophomore Carson Sellers. 

“I’d totally play, because the games aren’t that hard and you could win a lot of money. There’s just something about the show that makes it so intriguing,” said sophomore Alex Hisel. 

“If ‘Squid Game’ didn’t exist, I’d say to watch ‘Lucifer,’ it’s usually my go to when I have nothing else to watch,” said Hisel.

“Lucifer” is the Netflix series about Lucifer himself becoming dissatisfied with his life and deciding to move from Hell to Las Angeles — where he meets a girl and begins to question if there is still hope in life. The series premiered in 2016 and now expands across six seasons. 

“I haven’t seen many shows about the life of the devil and “Lucifer” is from the perspective of him, which makes it different,” said Hisel. 

The Netflix series gives a twist on how Lucifer is viewed with the majority of people thinking of him as evil, but the series helps depict some of the emotions he is able to feel, especially with the detective he meets, Chloe.