BCVoices’s Fall 2021 Voices of The Week


Bridgewater College

As BCVoice is an experiential learning class, most of the staff participate for credit. However, this semester BCVoice had many club members who contributed significantly to the organization after they were recruited at the clubs and organizations fair hosted by Students Life in early Sept. Pictured here are seniors Katie Baker, Isaac Miller and Shayne Williamson – members of the BCVoice leadership team.

Katie Baker, Editor in Chief

Bridgewater, Va. – After nearly four years of working with BCVoice, I have yet to come across a group of staff with a greater sense of adventure and natural curiosity than those who made up the Fall 2021 team of writers, broadcasters, editors, web designers, videographers and photographers. 

From the start of the semester, this group of dedicated individuals have jumped at the chance to investigate into concerns of the campus community, photograph thrilling action shots, design effective and innovative platforms, communicate stories of excitement and thoughtfulness and reach an audience with compelling and relevant news.  

But above all else, these staff members have been eager to learn the art of news production and serve BC’s community with their hard work and honed skill. 

During our weekly BCVoice meeting, a staff member is honored for their noteworthy contributions to the organization. The award is called the Voice of the Week and the recipient is chosen by the student leadership team. 

Senior Sienna Sullivan, a Professional Writing and Psychology double major, was awarded Voice of The Week for her excitement to get to the heart of every investigative story. Sullivan leaves no stone unturned in her articles and is not deterred from approaching every angle even when it becomes difficult. 

Senior Valeria Santos-Esteban, a Health and Exercise Science major, earned Voice of The Week for her clear and crisp writing style that is reflective of professional journalism. Santos-Esteban is an effective communicator and a valued videography contributor.  

Junior Steven Roscoe II, a Digital Media Arts major, was selected as Voice of The Week for his dependable nature and skill in broadcasting. Reliable individuals like Roscoe consistently covering areas of campus that traditionally get less attention builds the respectability of our organization. 

Senior Carla Rivera, a Spanish major, was chosen as Voice of The Week for her willingness to take learning news production in stride. I respect Rivera’s determination to grow as an AP style writer and for her adventurous attitude in trying something brand new. 

Senior Allysia Morehouse, a Health and Exercise Science major, was selected as Voice of The week for her commitment to producing her best quality of work. Morehouse is not afraid to ask questions and to try new skills to ensure that her articles reflect well of the organization. 

Junior Johmae Miller, a Sociology major, earned Voice of The Week for her eagerness to capture campus life through photography and for her ability to communicate stories with those photographs. In addition, I admire Johmae for stepping outside of her comfort zone and developing as a sports writer. 

Junior Mackenzie Hammack, a Professional Writing and English double major, was chosen as Voice of The Week for her passion for news writing. Regardless of the circumstances, Hammock will produce work that displays evidence of strong interviewing skills and she never fails to convey new information. 

Senior Zachary Gray, a Communication, Technology and Culture major, was awarded Voice of The Week for the creative manner that he approaches each piece of writing that he contributes. Gray’s innovative ideas and engaging writing have helped to develop BCVoice’s well-rounded content over the last couple of years. 

Junior Jaia Dunbar, a Psychology major, was chosen as Voice of The Week for her work ethic and commitment to seeing others improve the quality of their writing. Dunbar stepped out of her comfort zone to begin honing her skills as an editor. I admire Dunbar for thinking broadly about the needs of the organization. 

Senior Erin Dietz, a Business Administration major, was honored as Voice of The Week for her habit of exceeding expectations through her compelling style of sports writing that left readers feeling as if they did not miss a second of the live action. Dietz is an extremely quick learner who can succeed in any field of writing by the way that she pays close attention to detail and style.