Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate

Student Advice on Self-Care


Brooke DiCicco

Sophomore Elijah Dunlap spends time in the FLC studying for an upcoming exam. Exams start on Thursday, April 28 for students.

Brooke DiCicco, Photography Manager

Bridgewater, Va.- As exam week approaches, the need to give ourselves reminders to practice self-care increases. With no reading day before exams begin and a near universal feeling of burnout, there is a greater need to take care of ourselves.

If you get too caught up in studying, make sure to take mental breaks throughout. Five minutes for every 25 minutes of studying time is recommended. Some five-minute stress busters are deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, mini-meditation, visualization and a change of scenery.

One of the top eight ways to make finals week bearable is to reward yourself for your achievements. After finishing an exam, treat yourself to ice cream or to your favorite restaurant.

Due to the college’s diverse student body, an impressive variety of self-care practices are used. 

Sophomore Elijah Dunlap likes to take extra time to study during exam week. 

“The more I know, the more comforted I am,” said Dunlap.

 Dunlap also tries to make time to divert focus away from studies. “I try to set everything down and not get on my phone at all and take a mental break from everything. I then go talk to friends or something to get away from thinking.”

Junior Jen Chan ensures to spend time with friends during exam week. 

“Going out to dinner with friends, going on long walks and watching Netflix are what I do for self-care during exam week,” said Chan. 

Junior Anna Mazourowski believes that coffee is a big part of her self-care routine. 

“Lots of Smitty’s; at least twice a day. I also like shopping, getting my nails done and hanging out with friends,” said Mazourowski.

Junior Kaci Pitsenbarger enjoys some relaxing reading during her down-times. 

“I take time for myself to read something fun and go outside,” said Pitsenbarger.

“I try to relax as much as I can. What I do to relax is play basketball, video games and listen to a lot of music,” said first-year Jordan Philip-Guid. 

“I make sure that I spend the time I need with friends and relaxing. I try not to over-exert myself,” said first-year Grayson Pierce.

No matter what way you find to be the best, ensure during the next few weeks that you make time for yourself to relax, recharge and rejuvenate.