BCVoice’s Voices of the Week for Spring 2022 and Voice of the Year for 2021-2022

Katie Baker, Editor in Chief

Bridgewater, Va. – Six Word Memoirs is a project that has often sparked my creative thinking with its ability to inspire reflection. Reflection on my four years with BCVoice can be explained in six words: telling stories that connect our community. 

Telling stories that connect our community truly felt as if it was our unofficial mission this year especially after Covid-19 created distance and tragedy left us heartbroken. Thoughtful BCVoice staff members reunited our scared community once more with their intentional craft. 

Their intentional diction shaped articles, their intentional questions filled interviews, and their intentional conversations charged broadcasts. All done with the desire to serve not as a resounding gong, but as a calm voice of rebuilt hope and light. 

Without the many diligent writers, broadcasters, editors, videographers and photographers that make up BCVoice, connection across our shared community through stories would not have been possible. 

During our weekly BCVoice meeting, a staff member is honored for their noteworthy contributions to the organization. The award is called the Voice of the Week and the recipient is chosen by the student leadership team. 

Junior Katelyn Harrison was chosen as Voice of the Week for her flexibility and willingness to tackle any task given to her. Harrison consistently produces top quality writing and has a knack for interviewing sources. Harrison has been a valuable member of the news team for the last two years. 

Junior Zach Rogers was selected as Voice of the Week for his commitment to our weekly broadcast on Instagram Live. Each Wednesday, Rogers contributes eagerly to the show and can be counted for the development of the program. In addition, Rogers’ spirit for BCVoice brightens the class atmosphere. 

Junior Nathan Good was awarded as Voice of the Week for his dedication to the success and impactfulness of the organization. There is nothing that Good cannot or has not done for BCVoice. His podcasts, news articles, and opinion pieces are each powerful and insightful. 

Senior Diamond Huskey was honored as Voice of the Week for her elevation of our social media platforms. Under the direction of Huskey, our Instagram presence has become more effective and has gained more followers. Huskey can certainly be credited for expanding the reach of our organization. 

Junior Kaia Richardson was selected as Voice of the Week for the enthusiasm and joy that she brings to the radio show. Richardson is not afraid to try new segments and her willingness to contribute however she can is noteworthy. 

Senior Lamont Jones and junior Trey Pratt were each awarded Voice of the Week at different points in the semester for their excellent work in transforming the genre of the photo story for our organization with their quality photography and informative interviews. Jones and Pratt created a model for all future photo stories. 

Junior Nina Andrews was chosen as Voice of the Week for her willingness to aid in the development of our website. Andrews is a fast learner who pays close attention to detail. Without the hard work of Andrews and the website team, none of the work that is created would have an outlet. 

Senior Stormi Nuckoles was selected as Voice of the Week for her versatility in writing articles and for her hard working attitude. Nuckoles wears many hats for BCVoice due to her ability to cover everything from sports to news to entertainment. 

Senior Evan Maxey was awarded Voice of the Week for his engaging style of sports writing. Maxey constantly writes with clarity and relevance on sports from every season. In addition, Maxey has a knack for style and structure. 

Sophomore Emily Wylie was honored as Voice of the Week for her grace in writing compelling pieces and for her ear for newsworthy occurrences. Wylie is a writer with the ability to develop top quality writing in any genre she decides to write under. 

In addition to Voice of the Week, each year BCVoice awards Voice of the Year to a member of our organization whose efforts and enthusiasm are unmatched. This award is the highest honor bestowed on a member of our team and is also chosen by student leadership. 

Senior Sienna Sullivan was awarded Voice of the Year for her excellent and impactful contributions to the organization over the last two years. Sullivan is not afraid to take on challenging stories and interviews, which often leads her to seeking compelling angles and covering breaking news. Sullivan’s reach can be felt beyond writing and photography as she has also been invaluable in developing our marketing of BCVoice. The student leadership team is incredibly grateful to Sullivan for all that she has done to enhance awareness ofBCVoice on our campus.  

This editorial is my final task as editor in chief of BCVoice as I pass the position into the more than capable hands of junior Nathan Good. 

BCVoice has been a defining piece of my Bridgewater College experience and I am thankful for those individuals who have guided me on this journey from staff writer to editor in chief. Most notably, our steadfast and high standard setting advisor of BCVoice, Practitioner in Residence – Communication Studies and Theatre Ady Dewey – under whose visionary leadership the organization has excelled. Professor Dewey, thank you for believing in and investing in me and in every other senior on the leadership team.  



Update April 26, 2022: An earlier version stated Sullivan received Voice of the Week; the award is Voice of the Year.