Arnie’s Army Says Goodbye to Their Leader

How the world is remembering and saying goodbye to Arnold Palmer

Amanda Kelley, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- On Sunday, Sept. 25, the world lost a sports legend, humanitarian, and most importantly a friend in Arnold Palmer when he passed away at the age of 87.  Palmer is known worldwide not only for what he achieved on the golf course, but for what he achieved off of the course and how he made an impact on people’s lives.  Palmer came into his own as a golfer just as golf was becoming a televised sport and so many professional golfers and fans of the sport claim he is responsible for making golf what it is today, and in many regards he is responsible. 

The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done.

— Arnold Palmer

Palmer won his first of 62 PGA Tour victories in 1955, including seven major titles in a career spanning almost 40 years. He had 22 Ryder Cup match victories, a U.S. record, and 17 consecutive seasons with a win on Tour. Palmer was the first golfer to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004 by President George W. Bush, and in 2009 became the second golfer to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.  Palmer’s success was noticed and rewarded on and off the golf course.

Arnold began endorsing  products for companies via TV commercials, and from then on his popularity continued to grow worldwide.  One of his biggest business investments was being one of two consultants to create and start the Golf Channel that aired in 1995.  Palmer also designed golf courses all around the world through his design company, Arnold Palmer Design Company, since the 1960s.  He was very active within the March of Dimes and opened the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Women plus the Arnold Palmer Medical Center in Orlando in the 1980s.  The Arnold Palmer Medical Center remembers Palmer, “He was a legend on the golf course but his greatest legacy is as a champion for the health of children and families.”

There are plenty of reasons of why people loved Arnold so much, but one of the biggest is how he impacted the lives of the people he met wherever he traveled to.  Whether it was signing his clear and legible signature for a fan, talking to a fan, or just talking to a friend he always made sure to look them in the eye and make sure he took the time to know that he appreciated them being there and listened to what he said. He treated every person the same way, as if they were a close friend he had known for years.

The world has lost someone that can never be replaced and has made an unforgettable impact on the world that will remain for the rest of our lives.  Arnie’s Army has lost their leader, but they will never forget him or stop following him and his footsteps.