Punisher Makes Splash Following Second Season Release This Month

Thirteen Action-Packed Episodes

Max Weidman, Staff Writer

Now in its second season, Marvel’s The Punisher has created quite the splash following season two’s release on Jan. 18 of this year. Starring Jon Bernthal, Ben Barnes and Amber Rose-Revah, season two has been well anticipated since season one was released back in 2017 as ex-military special ops Frank Castle continues his infamous work despite being followed closely by both local as well as national law enforcement.

Season two of The Punisher sees Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) more driven than ever to right the wrongs of the social justice chain. In traditional Frank Castle style, Bernthal garners the name “The Punisher” through his unorthodox methods of righting the wrongs throughout society.

Through his signature “death before dishonor” attitude that captivated audiences worldwide during season one, Bernthal continues to work towards the take down of the syndicate that tore his life apart, killed his family and ended his career.

After serving for numerous years in the US Military and being involved in torture investigations and the opioid movement crisis from the Middle East into the United States, Castle returns home and takes the name Pete Castiglione in hopes of not giving up his identity.

Pitted against former military special operations comrade Billy Russo, Frank Castle faces new challenges that dawn as Russo is unveiled as the new villain of the show. After going rogue in season one, Russo runs a military contract company named Anvil, which supplies trained men for security outposts, wherever they may be needed.

Despite being a fellow team member of Castle’s, Russo places money over brotherhood and begins working with the forces that have brought Castle to his knees. He inadvertently knows about the death of Castle’s wife and children and remains silent to work against Castle.

After an all-out dog fight between Castle and Russo at the very end of season one, Russo ends up in a coma with a full-face mask that bandages his scars. Hungry for revenge, Russo is back with a vengeance…and a mask covering his gruesome scars.

Following season one, the second season brings about a continued feud between the former special ops teammates, both of whom have taken matters into their own hands, and care little for the consequences that may await them.

Comprised of another action packed thirteen episodes, season two starts off with classic bar fight scenes and gets more technical as the season moves on. As Russo recovers through the early episodes, he turns the metaphor used by his doctors into his alias, calling himself “Jigsaw” throughout the season.

Derived from him having to piece back together his thoughts, memories and actions, this metaphor lays the groundwork for who he will become later in the season and leads to him dawning the mask throughout the season as well.

Agent Madani, played by Amber Rose-Revah visits Billy Russo during his hospital stay, prompting the first of many questions by Russo of what he has done. Simultaneously, Pete finds an unlikely companion named Rachel and the two set out, setting the pace for their pursuers.