Digital Scholarship Guru’s Design Week

Expressing Thoughts Through Art

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  • Seniors Naila Lyles (right) and Jazzlynne Miller (left), make PSA posters. They are not only using digital technology, but also utilizing skills they already have.

  • Naila Lyles, a senior Art Major, was the facilitator of Thursday’s PSA workshop. She got the inspiration of the event while reflecting on the importance of self-medication with exams coming up.

  • Senior Jazzlynne Miller (left) and Freshman Larissa Niles (right) are photographed with their works. They used their own creativity and new knowledge about visual design, obtained from the Gurus.

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Bridgewater, Va- From Monday, Nov. 11, through Friday, Nov. 15, the Digital Scholarship Guru program at Bridgewater College hosted various workshops to provide learning opportunities about digital media tools for BC students. 

The Digital Scholarship Gurus are trained students who work with the IT Center. They strive to educate Bridgewater’s campus by instructing others to use digital media strategies that encourage innovative ways of thinking. They offer design suggestions, how-tos and host workshops.

According to CRISS, an educational institution, 90% of occupations will require digital skills by the year 2020. By this time, there will be 1 million vacancies that the market will not be able to satisfy if students are not educated in these skills.

On Monday, students participated in a photography event, which took place in the Rebecca Lighting Studio. The studio and its equipment was open for all participants to use. This day’s event was hosted by the Black Student Association. 

On Tuesday, students participated in learning how to create posters and flyers using the website Canva. The event was set up in the KCC lobby and students were able to use Canva with IT center assistants. Participants mainly made Christmas cards, and later, the card they made was sent to them electronically. 

On Wednesday, participants gathered in Bowman 111 to test their skills by participating in a design sprint. This session focused on the ability to create quality designs at a fast pace.

On Thursday, participants joined a workshop session hosted by the Art and Animation Club. This workshop allowed students to use all the skills they have learned through the Guru Design Week. Participants made public service announcements for exam season to promote healthy study habits for students.  

Nicholas Koger ‘19, MDMS ‘20, the Digital Scholarship Guru coordinator, was excited for the success of the Guru Design Week. “It’s amazing to reach out to students and to encourage them to face the challenges of designing while expressing themselves through their work,” he said.

The participants of the event were not only those who are taking digital media classes, but a variety of Bridgewater College students who grabbed the opportunity to expand their capabilities.

Senior Jazzlynne Miller, a health and exercise science major, emphasized the importance of this workshop especially for her. “It’s important to step out of your comfort zone because you never know what you find that you may like to do. Such as myself, a HES major, found sitting in every Art and Animation club meeting and making art,” she said. 

On Friday, the last day of Guru Design Week, an Amazon Echo Dot giveaway took place at the KCC main dining hall. The lucky winner was selected from all participants from the week’s events.