Bridgewater College Intramural Basketball

First Intramural Games of the Spring Semester

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  • Sophomore Sarah Wimer shoots from outside the arc to close the gap.

  • Sydney Davis guards a member of Team BCSB during the intramural game.

  • Trey Stevens dribbled the ball down the court during the first half, leading his team to a win.

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Jordan Davis, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- Jan. 13 marked the kickoff of the 2020 spring semester intramural basketball games. As numerous students came out to support their fellow classmates and friends in the competition to claim year-long bragging rights and a t-shirt, the energy in the Funkhouser Center was high. 

The games were split up into three sections, on two different courts inside of the Funk. At 6 p.m., the women’s league played. One team forfeited, leaving the other team, as player and sophomore Heather Donnelly said, “one win closer to making the playoff game.”

The 7 p.m. intramural basketball game was also from the women’s league. The two teams consisted of twelve Bridgewater College softball players – team BCSB, against ten Bridgewater College women’s soccer players, known as team davis. At half time, team davis was up 28-23. As time started to wind down, team BCSB started to close the gap to shorten the point differential. 

As the last minute of regulation was occurring, senior Morgan Todd of team davis committed her fifth foul, forcing Todd to sit out for the remainder of the game. Bridgewater sophomore Sarah Wimer, a member of team BCSB, was unable to capitalize on the foul at the free throw line, so team davis won their second game with a score of 47-46.

“I used to play basketball in high school, which is why I joined the Intramural Basketball league with my friends and teammates because I truly missed the sport. I am a very competitive person, so I like the fierce competition intramurals brings alongside the energy and drive to exercise,” said junior Sydney Davis, team captain of team davis.

The 8 p.m. intramural basketball game featured teams from the co-ed league. The two teams were team process and team stevens. The largest gap in the first half was 21 to 4, with team stevens leading with a 17-point differential. At half-time, team stevens was winning 27-14. After halftime, team process came out and closed the 13-point differential to their smallest gap of the night, 10 points with 14 minutes remaining. Team stevens pulled away to win 60-31.

“Our game plan during half-time was to keep shooting and continuously run defensive plays. Staying consistent is a major key to our success. I joined this Intramural Basketball league not only so I can dominate the court but to have fun while doing it. Being apart of this team creates a lot of cardio exercise and bonding with my friends,” said senior Trey Stevens, captain of team stevens.